Our founder Lorrae Bradbury was recently a guest
on Between the Sheets with (the lovely) Lora Somoza.

In the episode “The Ladies of Sex Ed”, Lorrae, Lora Somoza, Elle Chase, and Barbie Davenport dish about Slut Walk LA, consent, sex education, and sex & disability. As Lora said, “we do it so you can do it better”!

Watch the entire episode (it was filmed!) here.

 Lora also had some amazing things to say about Slutty Girl Problems

[Slutty Girl Problems] is like the mothership landed. It’s a fantastic website because it’s really like “fuck shame”. This is where you can go to get some information, and not just information. It really is a site for brazen women, for empowering women, and I just love the whole feel of it. It’s just phenomenal for women, for educating women, for women that love sex, and want to pass on information for other women.

– Lora Somoza

Watch the Episode Here!

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