Our founder Lorrae Bradbury was recently a guest
on The Greater Dater with (the amazing) Arianna Jeret.

In the episode, which can be viewed on YouTube here, Lorrae, Arianna, Jon Polansky, and Jeff Gross get incredibly candid about sexuality, sex education, exploring fantasies, virginity, porn, sexual shame, and the word “slut”. It’s one of the most interesting interviews we’ve seen about Slutty Girl Problems! We’re also so proud that it was featured on The Good Men Project in their post “8 Thoughts for Guys About Slutty Girl Problems

Watch the entire episode here!

 Jon and Arianna also had some lovely things to say about Slutty Girl Problems

Lorrae has an incredible website called Slutty Girl Problems. I was very impressed. It is so comprehensive. There’s a lot going on. This just seems like a completely thorough site for women in all different types of categories. Your site’s awesome. I’m not a woman but I found myself fascinated by some of the articles.

– Jon Polansky

What I thought was so great about the site was I had the same experience in my 20’s. I felt like I had been told that I should be able to be free about exploring my sexuality. But then when I actually tried that, I felt a lot of inner conflict about it, and there was nowhere I would have talked about that back then. So I think it’s phenomenal. I just find you to be such an impressive human being, I have to say, from the first time we spoke.

– Arianna Jeret

Watch the Episode Below!


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