Caffeine is absolutely essential for me to get through the day, but there’s always a fine line between not having enough and having too much. And you definitely don’t want the jitters to hit before a big date or a booty call. Imagine an energy drink that will give you all the feels and no caffeine crash. The Moonlight Beverage Company has created Love Life Sparkling Romance Enhanced Beverage, the perfect drink to get you going. This sexy energy drink is a natural vasodilator, which means it increases blood flow to all the right places. With its proprietary blend of amino acids and zero caffeine, this is the perfect drink to get you in the mood. Think of Love Life as a little blue pill, but it tastes good and works for all sexes!

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How do you use Love Life?

A drink that can increase your libido might seem like snake oil, but there is actually science behind this product. Love Life is loaded with 8 grams of amino acids including L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, and Taurine. These amino acids, sometimes referred to as “natural sex boosters,” increase your body’s production of nitric oxide, which is a vasodilator and plays an important role in cardiovascular function. Increased nitric acid causes your blood vessels to widen, increasing blood flow and lowering blood pressure. The amino acids in this drink have even been shown in studies to be a safe way to help treat erectile dysfunction. But don’t worry, Love Life is recommended for everyone, whether or not you have a penis. Nitric oxide also improves endurance and stamina, so you can keep going for longer.

For best results, Moonlight Beverage Company recommends consuming on an empty stomach. However, if you’re going to mix this drink into a cocktail (for which they do recipes on their website) you should definitely have a snack before “raising your spirits”. Moonlight also recommends drinking at least one whole (8.4 fl oz) can for desired results. One can contains 100 calories and a whopping 16 grams of added sugar, but this is less than a can of Red Bull, in comparison. Still, as someone who is calorie and sugar-conscious, I would definitely only save this drink for a special occasion. Consuming Love Life 30 to 60 minutes before sexual activity is also recommended. Generally, the effects (increased blood flow) are felt about 30 minutes after consumption and peak intensity about 60 minutes after, and the effects will slowly dissipate for about two hours after the peak blood-flow-state.

Note: Everybody is different, and this definitely applies to each individual’s nitric oxide cycle and metabolism.  The amount of time it takes to feel this effect will vary from person to person.

How does it taste?

Currently, Love Life only comes in one flavor, Cosmo. This drink is lightly effervescent and full of fruity flavor, similar to an energy drink. You can definitely tell it’s a sugary drink. It may be too sweet for some, but if you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love it! You can also mix it with club soda, flavored water, seltzer, or another beverage to cut down on the sweetness while still maintaining the delicious taste. You can drink Love Life straight from the can if you’re on the go, or pour it over ice if you’re just chillin’ (pun intended). Moonlight also recommends trying their drink as a mixer in a cocktail to get aroused for intimate activities. This would be a great idea for a sexy date night signature drink. I haven’t tried this yet, but I definitely plan on trying one of their cocktail recipes on their website soon.

Thoughts from our other reviewers:

“Love Life tastes similar to an energy drink. It was very carbonated and had a fruity, good flavor and is very versatile!” – Lindsey

“I loved mixing Love Life with other flavors to create unique combinations and cocktails. I especially loved combining it with white wine and champagne. Using white wine and some fruit, I enjoyed a carbonated sangria-style drink that was enhanced by the sweetness of the Cosmo. With champagne, we enjoyed an extra fizzy, bubbly cocktail that felt festive, and the dryness of the champagne paired perfectly with the sweetness of the drink. I loved exploring different ways to use this beverage, with the added enhancement of a little lusty boost!” – Lorrae

Did It Work?

I drank a full can of Love Life on an empty stomach about 45 minutes before I planned to have sex, as the company suggests. About 30 minutes after drinking, my partner and I both felt a little more energized and excited, and found ourselves getting a little turned on. It’s totally possible this was a placebo effect or just the fact that I was with my partner who I am very sexually attracted to, but we were definitely more in the mood than we were previously, and totally ready to take action on all the hot thoughts that the beverage had inspired. We had a lot of fun trying it, and it felt like it helped to increase our desire, excitement, and stamina!

Thoughts from our other reviewers:

“About 35 minutes after drinking, I had what felt like a “moment of clarity.” It seemed like my eyes opened, in spite of being tired from the day’s work. Shortly after the eye-opener, I felt as if there was a tickle in my pants. Since I was with my wife, this could have been my mind wanting this to happen, but I felt energized and ready to play. Our sexy time was fun, and the drink was an added bonus, to help get our blood flowing!” – Lindsey

“I drank Lovelife with some white wine as a sangria, and a little more mixed with champagne, with one of my best friends before going out. The entire experience left us a little giggly, giddy, and excited for the effects that may occur! By the time we finished sipping on our drinks and taxi’d to the party, we definitely felt a little blushed, flushed, and turned on. It gave me a little boost of sexy, sensual self-confidence, and I felt I came more out of my shell and was more flirtatious than normal. It was a very fun enhancement to our night!” – Lorrae


If you want an extra boost in the bedroom, Love Life Cosmo is worth a shot. It was exciting to drink with my partner, cheekily knowing that some play was in our near future. In a way, it served as some giggly foreplay! We definitely felt a little flushed and excited, and felt that the effects enhanced our festivities. I would definitely recommend Love Life as a natural way to increase your libido and stamina!

Thoughts from our other reviewers:

“Love Life Cosmo was a fun experience. It was exciting to cheers and drink with my wife before a semi-planned evening of passion. We enjoyed the flavor and the results set us up for fun sexy time. I recommend the Love Life Cosmo to enhance blood flow for more energy during a lovemaking session.” – Lindsey


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