Looking for the perfect sex toy kit to treat yourself or your partner? Lovehoney’s Rock My World Sex Toy Kit contains six toys perfect for just about anyone. With two bullets, a G-spot vibe, a powerful mini wand, and both a standard and anal dildo, there is something for everyone in this kit, and it’s a great deal!

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Bullet Vibrator

This is your basic, simple bullet vibrator, perfect for beginners or anyone who likes pinpointed clit stimulation. While bullets have the added bonus of being insertable into other toys, like dildos, I don’t think this bullet would be ideal for that use, and it’s not compatible with the dildo included. (More on that later.)

To use the bullet, simply untwist the base, where the button is located. There, you’ll see a watch battery, already included, separated from the wiring by a thin strip of paper. Remove the paper and twist the base back on for the fun to begin.

Press the button to begin cycling through the modes: light vibrations, mid-level vibrations, and then a variety of pulse speeds. At any time, press and hold the power button to turn the vibrator off. Vibrations are light to mid-level and on the buzzy rather than rumbly side.

I love that this bullet is so whisper quiet! Seriously, while the vibrations are mid-level at their strongest, the noise level, under my blankets, was barely detectable. At about 2.5 inches long, I would recommend this bullet for clit stimulation, but if you like vibes along your labia or vaginal entrance, or on your nipples, this will work too. I need more powerful vibes to achieve intense orgasm, but I was able to have two mild orgasms using this bullet on my clit. Overall, I’m a fan!

For use with a dildo, this specific bullet definitely wasn’t designed for the dildo included in the kit (again, more on that later) – it’s too small for the hole, IMO. Also, I want a more powerful, rumbly bullet for my dildos, so that the vibes can be felt through the toy. I doubt that this vibe would work very well on your average dildo.

Dildo + Wired Bullet Vibe

Next up is the dildo. This is a lifelike, translucent pink/purple dildo made from silicone, our favorite material. It’s pretty flexible, and at six inches insertable and five inches circumference, it’s the perfect size for me. I’m not a size queen, so this length and girth is ideal. If you’re a beginner or like your dildos “average sized”, you’ll be happy too!

Next up is the second bullet vibe. I actually did not get a lot of use out of this as I was moving and I forgot to take it with me, and then I had to get the batteries for it which weren’t included. This is a different bullet vibrator than the small one mentioned above. The purple bullet is the type attached by a chord to a control. It’s detachable to make cleaning easier. This is a wider bullet, meant to be inserted into the dildo. However, you can also use it directly on your clit, which I prefer. My first vibrator was the same color and style, so it made me a little nostalgic! To use this vibrator, you need two AAA batteries. It operates using the power button.

Again, I found the vibes to be mid-level, so they weren’t best suited for a dildo, where I need stronger, more rumbly vibrations that can be felt through the toy. Separately, I think both toys are great. I just wish that the dildo had been made to work with your average sized bullet so I could use it with my We-Vibe Tango, or another more powerful bullet, instead.

Bonus: The dildo has a suction-cup base so it can be placed on a surface during use. You also might be able to make it work with a harness, but again, the hole is wider than the one in most dildos.

G-Spot Vibe

This vibrator is small and pink with a bit of a hook to it. It’s slim, not much wider than the AA battery (not included, but I had these on hand!) it requires to operate, and at five insertable inches the perfect size to hit the G-spot on most anatomies. Use it with the hook pointed towards the front wall of your vagina, where the G-spot is located.

To operate, just twist the toy from to “on” or “off”. There is only one vibration mode. Again, these are mid-level vibrations. When using a rocking motion on this toy, I thought it was absolutely fabulous for achieving a mild, enjoyable G-spot orgasm.

Anal Dildo

Next up is the anal dildo, in a bead style with a tapered tip, made from the same material as the other dildo. This is a great beginner’s anal toy, and I like all of my anal toys beginner. I enjoy the stimulation, but don’t think I’ll ever be one for anal sex. So if you’re a beginner or just like small anal toys like I do, this is really the perfect dildo. It’s soft and flexible, and the beads are super pleasurable. It also has a suction bottom, so it can be placed on a surface or against a wall during use.

Mini Wand

And finally, my favorite toy of the kit – the Mini Wand! We’ve reviewed this wand before (check it out here), and let me tell you, this tiny rechargeable beauty is a dream come true. With this kit, it comes in the black style, but I still want the metallic style for my collection… It’s so pretty and this wand is good enough to buy two.

The mini wand packs a ton of punch for its small size. The broad, soft head is perfect for those who prefer wider stimulation. Pinpoint doesn’t always work for me, so this toy is ideal. Read our full review for information on how to operate this wand; it’s fairly user friendly and has a variety of speeds and patterns. If you like intense vibrations, this wand is for you! While all the toys in this package are great, I recommend this one the most, and you can get it solo at Lovehoney for $50.

Care and Cleaning

Overall, these toys should all be used with a water-based lubricant, because some are made from silicone. Silicone toys can’t be used with silicone lubricant, because it will break them down. To wash these toys, use soap and warm water or your favorite toy cleaner, and then pat dry or air dry. The motorized toys are splashproof but not completely waterproof, so do not fully submerge the toy in water when cleaning or during play!

After, use any toy storage equipment or bags you might have to store these products. Bags are not included. The dildos do pick up dust pretty easily, so I would recommend a silky toy bag for those! You don’t want to store them too close together, too, because silicone on silicone can create friction which will also wear down the toys.


The Rock My World kit from Lovehoney is more than worth it, with six fun toys included. It’s really the Mini Wand that takes the cake for me, and that’s what makes this kit such a steal, too. The Mini Wand alone sells for $50, and you get five more toys for just $90 total! This is a great deal full of high-quality products great for a night of treating yourself or introducing a partner to the world of sex toys.

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