Anal lovers, this one’s for you! Lovense’s Hush is, by far, one of the best butt plugs I could recommend, and trust me, your girl here has a lot of them. No shame in my game. If you like to be extra naughty, this vibrating butt plug is sure to add a little step to your butt play game.

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Name: Hush
Type: Butt plug
By: Lovense

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 4 Devils
Vibration: 5 Cars
Noise: 4 Bees

Materials: 100% body safe silicone

Special Features: Bluetooth, Syncs with your playlists, Create, share, and download your own vibrating patterns, Handsfree, Waterproof

Anytime, Anywhere

Listen, the wonderful people over at Hush don’t mess around with pleasure. They are truly in it to win the big “O” and this Hush butt plug proves it. How? First and foremost, this toy can connect to Bluetooth. If you are not so tech savvy, don’t worry. You can use Hush without downloading the app and still enjoy everything it has to offer. If you’re ready to get down and dirty, download the “Lovense Wearables” app which is compatible with both iPhones and Androids. You now can control Hush’s intensity just from your phone!

Wait, there’s more! Another app feature allows Hush’s intensity to increase as your volume does. So, if you are getting loud with your partner or by ya-damn-self, the butt plug will turn up the heat when it hears you do. Let’s get loud, ladies! And if that didn’t sell you, you can create your own patterns and even better, link your toy to your Spotify playlist to vibe with your beats. Your “Sexy Time” playlist was made for this moment.

If you are in a long distance relationship, Hush may be just what you’re looking for. The app allows you to connect with a partner, regardless of distance. It’s simple. You just add a contact, have your partner download and connect with the app, and you are ready to play. I also love that you have the accessibility to adjust your partner’s settings such as “auto-play when this person sends a pattern” or “allow control with requests”. It is truly customizable based on what you and your partner are looking for to create an intimate experience, even if you feel worlds away. Did I mention that for those patterns you can make in the app, you can send to your partner to play for you as well? Oh, yes. It’s just that fun!

No Rest for the Wicked

I say this ever so kindly, but this toy is not suited for beginners and pretty intense for those who are new to anal play. I don’t just mean the girth, which is your choice of small (38mm) or medium (44.5mm). These vibrations are intense. On Hush’s small size (97mm long), the vibrations can be strongly felt throughout the whole butt plug. Even on the lowest setting, Hush has similar vibrations to a dryer on the last spin cycle all the way to an uncontrolled, naked iPhone vibrating on a glass table. (If that joke didn’t make sense, the vibrations are so strong it’s a little startling.) Like I said, they’re not messing around. There are five settings for Hush: low, medium, high, pulse, and wave. Well, I should say, you start with five patterns but your options are endless as you can make your own. Countless options? Sign me up!

The Basics

I don’t love this toy just because of the fancy app or crazy strong vibrations but as a whole, Hush is a well made toy. It is made from 100% body safe silicone. When talking about back door play, silicone is a blessing especially with a lubricant. Considering Hush is silicone, you don’t want to use a silicone lubricant. Silicone + Silicone = Donald Trump’s Cabinet, a real mess that results in both parties being completely useless. Wa water-based lubricant is ideal. Finally, the fun will never run out as Hush is rechargeable and only takes an hour and a half to get ready for action.

Pros & Cons


  • Bluetooth toy
  • Syncs with your playlists
  • Create, share, and download your own vibrating patterns
  • Handsfree
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable


  • Hush is on the loud side but it’s totally worth it.


Baby got back! Lovense’s Hush is a perfect addition to your bedside drawer of goodies whether you are looking to just add some extra spice to anal play or if you’re reconnecting with a long-distance partner. Also, if you love some “me time” with your booty, in bed or in the shower, this toy is golden. I mean c’mon. A Bluetooth toy, interactive app, syncs to your music and 100% hands-free? What more could you want from a butt plug?

Get it at Lovehoney for $139.99.


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