Let’s face it, we all need human contact that can spark off to create a simple conversation. Good conversations can make us look interesting to express our ideas, goals, opinions, and feelings for those that we come in contact with. Starting off good conversations are the primary means of beginning and establishing friendships which can head off into a relationship.

But things can get a little difficult when you find yourself in a room full of people and get cold feet in order to talk to a gorgeous girl or a cool guy with a varsity patch-up jacket. Here we will show you how to open ‘the channel of conversation’ and communicate with people around you, especially at a party when starting a conversation with a random stranger can be a real problem. So tune your senses and learn the basics of being friends with complete strangers at a party with a simple art on how to make conversation.

Share, Socialize and Enjoy

One of the most common situation that causes problems to start random conversation usually involve being at a party or social event, filled with strangers where you feel anxious about how to approach them and be friends with them. So if you see yourself being surrounded with fashionable people or college teens with their letterman jackets, just remember that most people want to share their experiences with others, by others we don’t mean the White Walkers from Game of Thrones, these are strangers. People like to search for others who can relate with them on an intellectual, emotional or physical by sharing their experiences or any event which is just an excuse to reach out and communicate.

So look for an excuse and start off with a random topic of sharing your experience with them which they can relate with. Once you master these 101 basics, you can easily open up to strangers and are easily available to make new friends and relationships.

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Mastering the Body Language

Most people don’t know that the most important conversational skills doesn’t come from our tongue but from our body. Our body language communicates our actions, attitude, and feelings before we even begin to speak as it projects our level of receptivity from others.

Negative body language gestures such as crossed arms, little eye contact and no smiling can shorten or end the conversation just after a few minutes. People judge too quickly when they realize you making such gestures and waste little time to end the conversation.

Your first impressions and gestures before starting any conversation should always be friendly and ‘soften’ which are nonverbal gestures to make people more responsive and receptive towards you and quickly send out the signal that you are friendly and are willing to communicate. ‘SOFTEN’ represents some basic nonverbal simple gestures for encouraging others to talk to you for example:

S: Smile
O: Open Arms
F: Forward Lean
T: Touch
E: Eye Contact
N: Nod

These small friendly gestures will send numerous friendly signals to the person you’re talking to and make them be more open towards you.

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There are Always Two Sides

Body language does not do the trick alone, it has to be supported by the choice and the tone of your voice. The softening gestures together with a friendly tone of voice and a good choice of words create the whole package for the contact and the tendency of individuals to initiate something that is of great interest to their fellows sparks up the chat like when you converse in fashion with a shopaholic girl, she’ll just love it.

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With greater awareness of body language, tone and good choice of words, you can easily make people more comfortable around you and minimize your chances of being rejected. Use these techniques as they intend to really work to put you in the zone and mood for making good random conversations with the people that you want to hang out and be friends with.