There is an endless list of things you can try to make sex kinkier, more fun, and more pleasurable for yourself and your partner(s). Why not start exploring exciting sex possibilities tonight?


Tease your partner at an unexpected time. Whisper in your partner’s ear how much their scent is turning you on during breakfast. Or try leaning over and planting a kiss on their neck, or holding their hand and letting it brush on your inner thigh. Text or call in the middle of the day as a reminder of the hot date waiting at home. Teasing is communication. Let your partner know that they are wanted in a thousand ways.

Take the Time to Go Slow

It’s called foreplay, and it’s just as important for both partners as reaching an orgasm is. Start him off with some steamy kisses, then lick and suck on his inner thighs before giving him a slow and intense oral massage.

Take Control

It is your mutual responsibility to keep sex spicy. So, if you’ve been finding your bae rather boring in bed, get in the driver’s seat and take control. Changing sex positions might be all you two need to heat things up! Move him into you, continuously varying your thrusts to experiment with pleasurable sensations for both of you. Kiss and run your fingers all over his body while you make love.

Ask and Reinforce

Sex is a two-way street. Ask him what he wants and if what you’re doing is turning him on. If he’s teasing you, let him know that you like what he’s doing so he knows what acts and positions you enjoy too.

Take Care of Each Other 

Help bring yourself to the “Big O” while also making sure he reaches climax too. Tell him how he can help you to orgasm.  Let him know if you’re down for multiple climaxes as well – your partner might assume one is as good as it gets!

In Summary

Have stronger orgasms by building up the intensity, expectation, and excitement. Drive your partner crazy. More importantly, show how much you care for each other, by minding your mutual sexual health and pleasure.