Masturbation and self-love are two intertwined aspects of our overall happiness and well-being, and subjects of which are very much the same. After all, masturbation is the epitome of self-love, and the benefits of learning yourself from the deepest crevices of your kinky imagination are truly endless. 

Women are now making sex toys for women, not just by male-owned, thoughtless, or greedy corporations who may be ignorant to what actually brings women pleasure. People are embracing sexuality more than ever before (and those who aren’t, screw you!), and women are empowering themselves through this beautiful form of solo self-love to new extents. So seriously, there’s no need for masturbation that is second best, and if you need a touch of inspiration to help with your self-stimulation, then surely stick around. 


v for vibes, sex toys for women


Why Take Masturbation so Seriously?

Masturbation is one of the healthiest, most beneficial ways to treat yourself to the self-care that you simply deserve, and that alone should be all the reason you need to take it seriously. You must learn and love yourself from the core of your existence outwards to provide the most genuine of love to others, and hell, in the end, no one should ever come before yourself (literally) anyway.

Aside from that, there are incredible health benefits, like:

  • Relieving stress and anxiety through sexual fulfillment
  • Helping with sleep
  • Improving mood by boosting endorphins
  • Increasing libido by enhancing the quality of sex
  • Alleviating physical pain, especially those associated with menstrual cramps

And with specific ailments, such as stress, doing so much more harm than good to your health (like taking down your immunity), the downward spiral of not masturbating or not enjoying masturbation enough is no good. 

You have to master masturbation, and you have to do so for your own good, as we promise; once you allow yourself to let go and enjoy sexual self-love at its finest, you’ll never want to go back. Here’s how you make it happen. 


Intimate Masturbation- Let’s Start With the Basics

Intimacy-driven masturbation is the best kind of masturbation. Sure, a solo quickie with your favorite vibrator straight to climax is totally sensational and highly suggested. Still, intimate masturbation is the true way to get to know yourself and use masturbation to benefit all other aspects of life, specifically sex with your loved one (or a stranger!). 


How to Practice Intimate Masturbation

Intimate masturbation is just that- learning to love yourself through sexual stimulation that you provide, starting with the touch of your hands before progressing into sex toys for women. By taking things slow and steady and learning the ins and outs of your body, you’ll gain a new understanding of exactly what you like, as well as a massive boost in confidence. 


v for vibes, sex toys for women

Personal Foreplay

The best sex is often associated with the best foreplay. When tension and desire build to the extremes, everything is better. Physically, blood has rushed to the genitals to enhance stimulation and response, and self-lubrication is provoked. And mentally, your mind translates the kinkiest of thoughts right into the action.  

So why would anything be different when it comes to masturbation? Foreplay is as equally essential in self-love as it is with partnered sex!

To practice personal foreplay:

  • Start with your mind: Focus on yourself and the reasons why you love yourself. Allow your mind to succumb to the desire of masturbating simply because you want to make love to your own body. Remind yourself that you are beautiful, deserve this experience, and are doing this because you are your own queen. 
  • Relax and Breathe: Begin to relax your body to help send those sexual signals straight to your soon-to-be pulsing clitoris and vaginal walls, and take some slow, deep breathes to promote this relaxation and calm mood. 
  • Cloth-over touch: Take a few moments to feel your body over your clothing and to begin touching yourself. Stimulate your breast, caress your hand over your nipples prodding through your shirt, and massage your vagina from the outside of your pants. Work slowly to feel and learn the curves of your own body, and take your time in removing other clothing. Continue massaging your clitoris with firm pressure against your panties, and feel and appreciate the moistening fabric before entirely removing.
  • Rely on Outside Signals: If you need a little jump to make you horny, it’s okay to begin with outside signals before moving into personal foreplay. Read some erotic stories, look at visuals, watch a movie, and take your time in extending the practice of masturbation if needed.


Skin-to-Skin Touch

Sex toys for women are incredible assets to masturbation, but before jumping straight into the toys, sometimes it’s nice to feel some skin-to-skin contact first, as this further promotes personal intimacy and discovery. 

Take your time in using your fingers to caress your skin, ensuring to pleasure your erogenous zones with light tickles and touches. Grip, pinch, and gently rub your nipples to whatever intensity feels good to yourself, relishing the warm touch of your own hands and the fact that you maintain absolute control. 

Lubricate your fingers, and enjoy this moment as you use them to massage every inch of your vagina, inside and out. Use your skin contact to map out the special areas that really set you off, as this will help you understand your body and direct a partner to do the same during sex. 

Focus on pleasing your clitoris and just how wonderful it feels under your fingers, and also on how wonderful your fingers feel on it, as masturbation is a shared relationship with yourself, before progressing to more intense clitoral stimulation with vibrators for women. 


v for vibes, sex toys for women

Set the Environment

When our lovers do something to set the mood just right, sex is better, and you have every reason to take action in setting the mood for yourself, too. Seriously, don’t be afraid of the clichés!

We’re all human, and the calming scent of candles, dim lighting, a warm bath with lovely essential oils, and all of those romance-inspired classics are tremendous assets to complementing the idea of self-love associated with masturbation. A little effort to treat yourself and to set the environment just right will go a hell of a long way in increasing the allure and the quality of your experience and aids in relaxation necessary for a lustful climax. 

Never feel silly in taking extra steps to create a date night for yourself. You deserve it all!


Sex Toys for Women, By Women

As we said, sex toys for women are now designed by women, and the industry is quite literally the best it has ever been. So, the truth is, if you have something you want to try, such as anal, double penetration, temperature play, etc, then go test it out with a new toy! There is something out there for absolutely anyone to receive insane amounts of pleasure and toys to satisfy the naughtiest of kinks.

Sex toys allow you to feel things that another human, including yourself, can simply not provide to your sensations of sex (oh, if only fingers could vibrate). They allow for self-discovery like never before, and the sensations are otherworldly. 

Vibrators for women are seriously one-way tickets to orgasm city, and their design and technological advancements will become your favorite aspect of living in our modern world!

Never steer away from a sex toy, and use the experience of shopping for your next favorite toy as a wondrous way to treat yourself. And remember, if something doesn’t work for you, give it a few tries before tossing it aside.

Anal plugs, glass dildos, G-spot stimulators, clitoral vibrators for women, remote control vibes- you might be browsing awhile! And there’s no such thing as a fully completed collection, so have fun trying them all!


v for vibes, sex toys for women


Get Naughty

On a final note, the best thing you can do for self-love is to follow through with any desire you might have, regardless of how naughty it might be, as this is the key to genuine sexual fulfillment. 

Sure, keeping it simple is perfect if that is what you want, but if you have an idea- then go for it!

Want to act out a MMF threesome experience? Go ahead; all you need is two suction dildos! Have a desire for an interracial experience? Well, good news, there are dildos of every skin color. Wish to role-play a bisexual or gay interaction? Then use sex toys, like a realistic pocket-pussy or a cunnilingus toy, to do so!

Do you see? The opportunity to try new things can begin with experimentation with only yourself, which is often the most comfortable way to do so. Just listen to yourself, and don’t be afraid to follow through with any discovery you wish to take place. Honesty in terms of sexuality is the best asset you have to sexual fulfillment, and hiding away from desires never does anyone any good. 

After all, being a little slutty is a hell of a lot more fun anyway, isn’t it?




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