I’m proud to say that I self-pleasure for my mental health.

For years, I have struggled with depression. One of the best self-care tools I used to help combat it, is masturbating.
When I became open about self-pleasuring for depression, people would laugh.
Every time they laughed, I would become red from embarrassment and wonder. “What was wrong with me self-pleasuring for depression?” Knowing how it helps me cope and release stress. 
Oddly, It’s been mainly women who have laughed at me the most. Many women do not make plans to pull out their lucky sex toys at the end of a long stressful day.
This was a huge surprise to me and I saw that they are missing out on a wonderful way to destress.
I know everyone has their own way of dealing with their emotions in a healthy and natural way. Many exercise, listen to music, or journal.
These are all wonderful ways to improve our mental health. I include them in my self-care routine, but self-pleasuring for my well-being has always been my favorite way to boost my mood.


Though many women still feel ashamed to express their love for themselves. Dr. Lonnie Barbach, a sex therapist, states “The guilt, fear, anxiety… that surrounds masturbation is astounding, especially when one realizes… how pervasive it is among human beings.”

It’s still hard for us to acknowledge the fact that women are sexual beings too. 

So why do women feel so much shame about pleasuring themselves? Some reasons may come from:

  • Religious views
  • It was a sensitive topic growing up
  • They were told that it was harmful
  • Believing that it is wrong to do
  • Believing they are sex addicts or lonely

As we now know, that none of this is true. Masturbating is normal and healthy. Plus, it can be a  ground-shaking experience once you reach the climax!

Even though masturbating is not a cure-all for depression, it does have benefits in adding it into your self-care routine.



3 Ways Self-pleasuring Helps with Depression


1. Masturbating Will Help You Relieve Stress

You know that wonderful relaxed feeling you get after orgasming. It’s your body’s way of releasing the natural feel-good hormones.

What are the feel-good hormones?

  • Endorphins
  • Dopamine
  • Oxytocin

Yes, they are often released from exercising, eating food, and laughing. Often the best way to release these hormones is through self-pleasuring.

Doing it this way also helps release penned-up sexual tension. If you are currently celibate, having a dry spell, or even if you are already sexually active – masturbating can be a great way to help you relax and get those feel-good chemicals flowing.

Why not let yourself enjoy the natural sensations of pleasure through masturbating?



2. Masturbating Helps you Sleep at Night

There are moments when I often struggle with sleeping at night. Though after having a little fun with my toy. I’m able to sleep ALL throughout the night. 

I’m sure I’m not the only person who likes this. This is when those feel-good hormones come into play again. 

Having a lack of sleep can cause depression or make it worse. Often, when we don’t get enough sleep, we are angry, irritable, and down.  

Before calling it out for the night, spend some time loving yourself and see how well you’ll be able to sleep.



3. It Helps You Explore Your Body

We see the benefits of exploring the world. So, why not enjoy the benefits of exploring your body. 

Exploring your body through self-pleasuring…

  • Raises your self-confidence
  • Boosts your self-esteem
  • Helps you love your body in every inch and curve
  • Empowers you as a sexual being


Always Remember 

If you are having trouble with depression then, talking to a therapist should always be the number one step for you to make. Masturbating for depression will not cure it, but it can help to include in your self-care and self-love routine. Let’s stop being ashamed of self-pleasuring, and have fun with it!