Kegel exercises offer so many benefits, from helping with incontinence post-pregnancy to easing period cramps to working those muscles in order to make sex more pleasurable. While I know how to do Kegels on my own, I’ve been interested in checking out a Bluetooth pelvic floor exerciser to really help me track my pelvic floor workouts and to ensure I’m doing them to the best of my ability. Because of this, I was so excited to try the Minna kGoal, and it did not disappoint! (BTW, this awesome toy is cousin to the Minna Ola and the Minna Limon!)

Note: This product is discontinued, but we recommend the Elvie Silicone Rechargeable App Controlled Kegel Exerciser instead!

Name: kGoal
Type: Pelvic Floor Exerciser, Kegel Exerciser
By: Minna Life

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars

Material: Silicone


While you don’t need an app to use the kGoal, it’s definitely beneficial, awesome, and maybe the best part of this toy. I highly recommend that before you start playing with your kGoal, you head to the App Store or Google Play store and download the kGoal app! This app will help you track your pelvic floor workouts, ensure that you meet your goals, and provide fun ways to get those exercises in!

Linking was oh-so-easy. Before inserting the kGoal, I pressed on the small metal comfort vent button at the base and squeezed the toy. This released air in the squeeze pillow. Then I used some lube (Minna recommends you do so for each use) to insert the kGoal. I had to fully relax my pelvic muscles in order to do this. Once it was fully inserted, I pressed on the vent button again. This allowed the squeeze pillow to fill to fit the shape of my vagina – meaning the kGoal will work with any anatomy!

The external part of the toy is where the power/Bluetooth connection button is. The app made it pretty self-explanatory to link my kGoal via Bluetooth to my phone. Before I knew it, I was messing around with the settings and really feeling the results! For exercise use, I have my kGoal set to only vibrate internally for feedback. But if you’re using it for fun purposes (though the work outs are certainly fun, too) you can include external feedback. Feedback works by creating a vibration when you squeeze your kegel muscles. The vibration increases in intensity the harder your squeeze!

The Work Out

The app recommended I start with three five minute work outs each week. Honestly, I didn’t want to stop the first day! There are three games to use for your work out: Bricks, Shape Shift, and Moving Target. Bricks is the easiest, at least for me, while Shape Shift is pretty difficult. Moving Target is a real challenge, because it truly tests your body based on your own ability! All three are very fun, in my opinion, from a competitive standpoint and also because, well, the feedback vibes feel pretty amazing! I haven’t come from using this toy, but that’s because I’ve focused more on getting my exercise on. I’m sure one could do so if they chose to pursue an orgasm, or even a little more spontaneously if they kept the workout going longer than I have!

The Results

If I really push myself, I can definitely feel it along my inner thighs the next day. Sometimes I’ll even get a residual “twitch” afterwards, like a runner might in their glutes or legs after a marathon. I know from previous experience that Kegel exercises help with my cramps and feelings of tenseness during my period, so I’m excited to see how the next few months play out now that I’ll exercise my pelvic floor muscles more often. During sex, I’ve definitely felt more control and had the ability to orgasm faster. I’ve also felt like my partner was more aware of me finishing, so he must be able to feel a difference, too.

Care & Charging

The kGoal comes with a USB charger. The port is at the tip of the external portion. It also comes with a soft, small, discreet storage pouch. Mine came with a sample of Good Clean Love lubricant which definitely leant itself to playtime – I mean, workout time.

While the kGoal is splash proof, don’t fully submerge it under water. Clean it like you would most toys, with cleaner or soap and warm water.

Pros & Cons


  • Fits any anatomy
  • Great guide for Kegel beginners
  • Tracking perfect for beginners and more experienced users
  • Fun games
  • Instant feedback
  • Can be used for exercise, pleasure, or both


  • I mean, you can do Kegels on your own for free, but this is way more fun!


I know I’ll keep up with my pelvic floor exercises now that I have the kGoal in my life. It’s fun, cute, and it definitely works, at least for me. If you’re looking for a pelvic floor exercise tracker, I definitely recommend this toy!


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