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Pleasure is not a one size fits all experience. In exploring ourselves, we can discover our unique preferences and endless ways to explore. Every experience, either solo or with a partner, can be distinct from the last. The beauty of human bodies is that there is such a range of physical differences, that we really can’t be broken down into nice neat categories. We say it over and over again that all bodies are different, and MysteryVibe has taken this wonderful fact to heart with pleasure products that can be customized to your body and preferences.

With their debut toy, the Crescendo, MysteryVibe introduced us to a bendable and customizable vibrator. Now they have expanded their line to include a compact travel-sized version, the POCO. This fluid, bendable vibe conforms to your unique shape to fulfill your pleasures and effortlessly reach your erogenous zones during play. 


Ergonomic Design

The POCO comes in a gorgeous sleek aqua blue color, adding to the already luxurious feel of the silky smooth silicone. Initially, it looks like a regular straight small vibrator. However, MysteryVibe actually based the design on fingers! There are two joints so you can easily bend it into three sections to fit the contours of your body, or place between you and a partner for a variety of positions and activities. With the controls at the base, it is easy to handle and adjust the settings while you explore. 

While you can bend the joints up and down to about a 45° degree angle, don’t try to bend them sideways as you can stress the joints. From the base controls to the tip, the POCO is 5.9 inches long. The girth of the tip is 0.98 inches and the base is 1.57 inches around, so it is super easy to handle and can be discreetly slipped into a bag for when you’re traveling. Made from premium silicone, it is water-resistant so it can be used in the shower and is easily cleaned. Do be sure to only use a water-based lube to protect the silicone from degrading. 

Endless Customizability

The exciting thing about having three adjustable sections is that it is highly customizable and adaptable. You can stimulate the clit, the g-spot, the perineum, or any pleasure area you prefer. It can easily be used to stimulate penises, as well as testicles. Whether you are looking for internal or external stimulation, you can mold the POCO to your personal tastes. If you’re like me and do better with visual examples, MysteryVibe’s website features a sexy Playbook of both solo and partnered positions for using the POCO, which also comes with the toy in the form of cards.

Not only is the shape customizable, but the power and pattern of the vibrations are as well. With not one, but two motors, there are 16 different levels of intensity. The vibrations are felt most strongly at the tip of the toy. The style of the vibrations is more rumbly, which is great if you’re into a more deeply felt sensation. With 16 levels, the vibrations actually start out quite low and slowly build to a more moderate sustainable power. The first few settings are almost teasingly undetectable. So if you’re a power queen, this might not be the best toy for you. But if you’re more sensitive and like myself can become quickly irritated by the powerful vibrations of some toys, this could be a good option for you to explore.


It’s not unusual for toys to come with different patterns of vibrating. The POCO actually starts with 8 preset patterns. They range from quick pulsing, to oscillating between low and high rumbles. As we know, MysteryVibe is very in tune with the fact that all bodies experience pleasure in different ways, so you are not limited to their preset patterns. You can actually create your own pattern that fits your journey to climax using their free App! This feature really opens up the possibilities of play and exploration. Sometimes the presets aren’t quite right and you just want to tweak it to get yourself over the edge; the app gives you that control. On the flip side, you can also relinquish some control by giving your partner the power to change the vibrations, making this a great tool for teasing and partnered play. 



Turn the POCO on with a two-second hold of the power button at the control base. From here, it is really entirely up to you and your unique pleasure points. MysteryVibe has put a very clear emphasis on customization so that you can easily make it work for your body. The shape and vibration features can be used in endless combinations, so you (and potentially a partner) are in full control of the experience. You can target specific erogenous zones like a clit or perineum. You can also lay it over the entire vulva or seamlessly between two partners for more wide-spread stimulation. 

It’s small size and ergonomic design creates very smooth handling. It’s not an overpowering toy which makes it great for sensitive folks. This could also be a really good starter toy for people just beginning to explore themselves and the world of sex toys. It’s perfect for starting off slow and soft then building to greater sensations. It is also rechargeable with a micro USB, making it compatible with phone chargers, which is always a convenient feature. The charge time is only 45 minutes, so you don’t have long to wait before the fun begins.   


Our Verdict

With this toy, you are really only limited by your own imagination. Whether you are well versed in your pleasure or want to get more familiar with all the ways you can explore your body, the POCO is a great choice for ergonomic pleasure and satisfying curiosity. With so much variety, you couldn’t possibly get bored. The low settings mean you can use it for hours without the irritation of overstimulation, and the gradually building intensities make it fabulous to bring your orgasm home. It really has a lot to offer, and will heighten your uniquely personal pleasure exploration, whether solo or with a partner!


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