Njoy, the company known for its absolutely gorgeous Pure Wand, is the premier maker of stainless steel sex toys, a gorgeous toy material that is beyond fabulous and high-quality. So, when I got the chance to try their Pure Plug, their nearly famous butt plug made of the same gorgeous material as their wand, I knew I had to take it. The Pure Plug is non-vibrating and made completely of heavy steel. It’s beautiful, sleek design begs to be used on your more intimate areas, and is especially fabulous as a small yet weighty and incredibly pleasurable plug. Known for their attention to quality and pleasure, nJoy knocks it out of the park with this curvy toy perfect for anal play or P-spot stimulation. This toy lives up to its promise of quality, while delivering unparalleled pleasure.

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Name: Pure Plug
Type: Butt Plug, Anal Toys
By: njoy

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 5 Devils

Material: Medical-Grade Stainless Steel
Special Features: P-spot Stimulation, High Quality, Curved, Weighted, Temperature Play, Easy To Clean, Worth Every Penny



At First Glance

You’ll feel like you’re opening up a jewelry box when revealing this toy from it’s packaging. Only rather than laying eyes on a piece of gold or silver jewelry, it’ll be an elegant piece of stainless steel erotic art resting comfortably in a pink, satin lined bed. It’s truly a piece of work!




The Pure Plug is made entirely of medical-grade stainless steel, making it body safe and hypoallergenic. It’s smooth, hard, and can hold heat and coolness very well, making it great for light temperature play. Simply chill it in the fridge or freezer, or warm it in warm water to allow it to cool or heat for a unique experience. Since it doesn’t require batteries or charge, or have any motors, it’s also completely waterproof – making it incredibly easy to use and clean.



All medical grade stainless steel, Njoy has explored a new realm of pleasure with this completely unique material. While being made of steel does make it on the heavy side, it also makes it extremely durable – it can easily be the perfect lifetime friend, and is made to last. This is one toy that won’t break!



Design & Size

The Pure Plug comes in 3 sizes. I tried the smallest one, which 5 oz (about a third of a pound), and it feels like holding a very tiny weight. The dimensions of the smallest toy are 1 inch diameter across the largest part of the plug, and 2.25 inches insertable length. The medium toy is 7 oz with a 1.25 inch plug and 2.5 inch insertable length, while the large toy is 11 oz with a 1.5 inch plug and 2.75 inch insertable length. The small plug is incredibly easy to insert, even for beginners. While I haven’t tried the larger sizes, it would be very easy to gradually increase the size to fit your comfort. I suspect though that all of the plugs would be similarly easy to use and insert, granted you warm up, use lubricant, and ease it in. The head of the toy is perfectly tapered for easy entry, while the handle is great for adjusting, thrusting, and removing the toy when you’re done.




The Njoy Pure Plug is not intimidating at all, even for an anal beginners. The smaller version is easy to lube up and gently insert due to its small and manageable size. The best part about the Pure Plug is it’s weight. The weight gives it more tension against your body, giving you additional pleasure especially if you’re wearing it over time. The toy is very easy to wear or thrust, making it perfect regardless of the sensation you’re seeking. After use, it’s super easy to clean. This toy can be cleaned with soap and warm water, or placed in boiling water (I wouldn’t recommend leaving it in for long, though). And storage is just as simple – the beautiful box it comes in makes an excellent, and safe, place to keep the wand between use.



Pros & Cons


  • Lustrous, body safe steel
  • Curved design
  • Three sizes
  • Easy to insert, wear, and thrust
  • Perfect for anal and P-spot stimulation
  • Great for temperature play
  • Easy to clean


  • None!



The Pure Plug is by far my favorite anal toy that I’ve ever tried. It’s really a wonderful toy for all types of anal pleasure, regardless of the sensations you enjoy. Njoy did an amazing job with the design of the Pure Plug, whether you like thrusting, rocking, or a massaging motion. This toy is the perfect addition to any avid sex toy user’s pleasure chest, and I would absolutely highly recommend it!

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