I am so excited about the sexy new erotic set I just found… Novel Erotics. Their sets tickle the fancy of my inner sapiosexual – combining literature, erotica, and sensual products all in one. These sexy gift sets are curated around an erotic fantasy, written inside the front cover of the elegant faux-book that easily doubles as discreet storage. Falling in to the story’s erotic theme, the high-quality products inside are handpicked to “transform your ordinary evening into a memorable, erotic story”. Whether you fantasize about an indulgent bed and bath experience, a steamy spur of the moment session, or a full dominatrix affair, Novel Erotics has something for you. We got to try their Evening Tea kit, with bondage delights that impressed even this experienced kinkster! I loved this kit, and know you will too. (Keep reading for my review, and our 30% off coupon!)

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Intellectual, Discreet Packaging

When I first sent my boyfriend the picture above, with all the cute kink products in the faux-book, his response was, “WAIT. Is that a fake book?! I WANT THE BOOK!!” That just goes to show how absolutely cool this product is… aside from the products perfectly curated inside, the packaging itself is incredibly enticing. My boyfriend couldn’t wait to get this hollowed out book on his shelf, and commented how cool the design on the cover and spine were. It’s made of a firm cardboard material that feels durable, and is definitely a discreet and intellectually sexy way to store your kinky merch – or simply keep on your shelf as a unique addition to your regular novels.

An Awesome Bondage Kit

While this kit is marketed as “beginners bondage” toys, I found the products to be much more high quality than your standard starter set. This kit comes with a collar and leash, rope, a flogger, a tickler, two handcuffs, a blindfold, and a paddle. All are in a red and black theme, with the restraints and collar lined with red faux fur. I found all the toys to be great quality, and so cute that they were a matching set!

The Restraints

The handcuffs in the kit are my absolute favorite. They are black leather with red faux fur lining, and adjustable straps. They are held together with a single chain that can be easily removed for different experiences. The rope included is soft, comfortable, and fabulous for tying up your ankles, creating a hog tie with the cuffs, or using your imagination for a variety of other exciting ties. This is a great way to start your collection, or add to it especially if you like the black and red theme!

Impact & Sensation

Next up, the impact and sensation toys of this kit have to be some of my favorites as well. The flogger is leather and lined with soft suede, perfect for getting harsh whips or gentle licks, depending on how you wield its power. The paddle is a bit more intense, with a sturdy body that’s great for a stinging sensation. Tease yourself or soothe the burn with this lovely feather tickler, which feels fabulous and delicate against your skin.


Matching the rest of the set, this faux-fur lined leather collar and leash is perfect for demonstrating just who’s in power, and who’s following the leader. It’s easily adjustable and the leash is detachable. Also matching is the incredibly comfortable blindfold, with a velvety lining that’s smooth against your skin. The design of the blindfold perfectly contours to your face to let in no light.


All wrapped up in a sexy sapiosexual package, this kink kit from Novel Erotics is everything a BDSM newbie or enthusiasts who’s expanding their collection could ask for. Combining literature, erotica, and sensual products all in one – Novel Erotic’s gift set perfect fits with the inner erotic story’s theme, and it’s clear that the products were perfectly curated to indulge your fantasies. We LOVED this Evening Tea kit, and can’t wait to see what Novel Erotics has in store next!

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