The sex toy crafters over at Bad Dragon have quite the interesting niche in the sex toy market. They specialize in making fantasy toys, and have a huge selection of unique fantasy dildos for those looking to get a real-life experience from their own imaginations. With enthusiasm and talent, Bad Dragon offers extensive customization of all it’s products, and every toy can be uniquely crafted in it’s size, color, and firmness, and additional options – like a suction cup or tube to shoot out lubricant (including Cumlube, Bad Dragon’s own personal lubricant). Bad Dragon’s toys are incredibly aesthetic, with gorgeous visuals that will keep you on site exploring and fantasizing. Even further, their dedication to high-quality materials, perfection and attention to detail in designs, and innovative features makes them top-notch in the industry of custom made toys. For anything who things finding the perfect toy can be a difficult task – Bag Dragon’s complete customization process can help you to sculpt the perfect toy for your preferences.

When I looked through all their options, I was totally immersed in finding the perfect toy for me. It was a hard choice, as so many of the designs looked incredibly unique and pleasurable – but Nox the Night Drake stood out to me as one of my favorites. No surprise, as it was the very first toy to be chosen via popular vote by the Bad Dragon Labs community! It features a crested head, silky-smooth shaft, and graceful bulge, with striking details, customized natural colors, and as always – total customizability. It’s a nice size dildo with comfortable and pleasurable textures that are not overwhelming at all. Bad Dragon would be the perfect toy for anyone who desires something unique and hand crafted, or is looking for the perfect customizable toy!

All of the toys also have their own unique write-up to describe the fantasy character – whether they are shy yet tempting, playful and active, or dominant and powerful. For those into embracing the fantasy, it gives the toy a really unique personality that you can bring home with you during play. If you’re just into the toy quality, though – there’s certainly no shortage of that at Bad Dragon!


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Name: Nox the Night Drake
Type: Dildos, Fantasy Dildos
By: Bad Dragon

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 5 Devils

Material: Silicone
Special Features: Cute Design, Curved, Textured, Ridges, Ribbed, Bumps, Pointed Tip, High Quality, Ergonomic, Harness Compatible, Suction Cup



Texture & Design

The texture and design of the Nox are very unique and incredibly pleasurable. Bad Dragon has a stunning attention to detail and level of perfection that is unmatched. If this mythical creature were to exist and have a penis, it would truly be a lifelike replica – complete with all the details and design nuances you’d expect, and then some. The natural coloring is just perfect, and each groove and bump is perfectly crafted and in place. In fact, the design is so lovely that I’ve just let it sit on my desk as an art piece – it simply looks so cool.



But, the design of this toy is even better. The Nox begins with a soft pointed tip, with a small indent designed to mimic a urethra. The slim start is perfect for easing it into yourself without difficulty. It then bulges out slightly to incredibly life-like head that gently melds into the shaft, with a slightly pronounced ridge around the top. The shaft of the toy curves gently upward, perfectly placed to hit your g-spot, and bulges out slightly but not uncomfortably. The entire design feel ergonomic and natural. The top has several bumps in a line for a bit of grooved texture, while the bottom has gentle lines and ridges that look like flexed muscles and tendons. These textures are pleasurable and comfortable, and also add to the realistic look of this toy. Finally, the base bulges out to a flare, with an optional suction cup, which is perfect for anal or use with a strap on. The base has a ton of scale-y ridges that are what you’d expect from a lizard-like, water-dwelling creature. It’s a life-like fantasy, beautiful, and feels fabulous. I have literally no complaints.




Bad Dragon uses a high-quality silicone blend in all their toys, which is one of the most body-safe, pleasurable, and preferred materials on the market. It is 100% body safe, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, phthalate free, odorless, and tasteless… my absolute favorite material for a sex toy! I chose the medium firmness silicone for the shaft of the toy. It is soft, squishy, flexible, and luxuriously plushy – though is still still firm enough to easily insert, thrust, and feel each and every texture and curve. It feels very life-like, with a unique slightly glossy finish. If harder toys are your style though, you can request a firmer silicone when you order. The silicone I chose for the base was a harder firmness, which feels denser and less flexible. The silicone has a little drag once inserted, but nothing a good water-based lube can’t fix. (Remember to never use silicone or oil based lube with silicone toys!)

Like other silicone toys, the Nox and all Bad Dragon silicone toys can be cleaned simply before and after every use with antibacterial soap and warm water. If you’re looking for a deep clean (especially if sharing between partners) this silicone is dishwasher safe and boil-able – to assure that it’s totally clean. If boiling, allow to boil in a pot for 3-5 minutes. Don’t use alcohol on silicone toys, as it could degrade the material.

So Many Options

Whether or not the Nox is on your to-do list as much as it was on mine, Bad Dragon has an incredible selection of dildos that can be infinitely customized to fit your fantasies and desires. Once you find a style to suit your preferences, you can completely customize the color, firmness, size, and even special add-ons like a suction cup or lube tube. Check out all the options below!



Each of these toys can be crafted in over 20 colors, plus four exclusive natural color markings specific to this toy. You can also get multiple colors with various markings and fades – like marbled, split marbled, faded, split faded, and split color. If there’s a custom color you’d like to invent, they can do that for you too! Some dildos come in a single color, while others can have 2 colors (one for the shaft, one for the base) or a different type of marking throughout the toy. If you’re not super creative (i.e.: me) or would rather have it as realistic as possible, you can choose to have “natural markings” – which makes your toy as it would appear in the wild or mythology. They have several options for that ad well


You can also choose your firmness, to fit your body’s preferences. My firmness was medium for the shaft – which was plushy, pliable, and perfectly comfortable while still giving a pleasurable textured feel. It’s also the most popular. The soft firmness has much more give, but may be too soft to feel the fine textures. The hard texture is much rougher, with very little give, a lot of texture, and recommended for advanced toy enthusiasts. You can also get a dual-firmness, with the head or shaft softer for easy insertion, and the rest firmer for easy thrusting. My base was firm, which gave it great stability (especially for the suction cup).


You also get to choose the size – small, medium, large, and OH MY GOD HOW WILL THAT EVER FIT. If you’re a size queen, you may have just met your match. I’m glad that they have a small version that was more in line with my size preferences. For me, it’s really the perfect size – a length and girth that makes it easy to use and pleasurable to thrust without being overwhelming, uncomfortable, or painful. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to handle anything larger. More info on their sizes below!

Suction Cup

You can even choose to have it made with a suction cup base, which I totally recommend. This particular suction cup is very strong and can withstand some rough use. It’s an incredible, unique addition that can make your experience totally hands-free, and can bring a TON of variety to your masturbatory routine (if you have one).


Lube Tube

Finally, you can also put in an optional lube tube, which shoots lube out as if it were a natural process. Unfortunately, you can only have the suction cup or the tube – but still, a really unique & fascinating option for anyone who desires it!



Pros & Cons


  • Incredibly high quality
  • Totally customizable
  • Gorgeous unique designs
  • Great suction cup
  • Ergonomic and pleasurable


  •  Larger sizes are impossibly big


Get Yours

Now that you know each and every customization option, head over to Bad Dragon and create the dildo of your dreams. Seriously, it’s worth it! All of their products are incredibly unique and high quality. With proper care, these dildos are designed to last a lifetime – and with your pre-selection of options, you’ll be sure to get a dildo you’ll love for just as long. If the Nox seems right for you, I would wholeheartedly recommend it. It’s a great textured dildo that will stand out among the rest, and serve as a conversation piece at your next girls night in. Even if you’re not into fantasy toys, you can find a lot of joy from a handcrafted pleasure piece. The fact that it’s molded after a fantasy creature really doesn’t matter… it’s the texture, quality, and pleasure that counts… and you get all of that with Bad Dragon!



 Thank you, Bad Dragon, for letting me review this INCREDIBLE toy!

Nox the Night Drake is available starting at $75.
Customizable features are a bit extra.

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Note: This review is sponsored by Bad Dragon, and I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. I only recommend things I would use myself! Read more about our reviews.