Sex can bring you so many wonderful opportunities to discover more of your body and what brings you pleasure, satisfaction, and intimate connection. It can relieve stress and bring you closer together in connection – whether you’re making out, exploring each others’ bodies, or trying brand new things together.

Oral sex can be especially intimate, and a way to mutually give each other pleasure, taking turns or at the same time. However, if you’re not feeling confident in your technique or simply don’t know how to do it, it can feel daunting to try with your partner, especially if you’re not getting much feedback or direction. If you want to explore more techniques for oral sex, here are five tips for women on how to give a fantastic oral sex experience. 

1. Communicate with your partner and ask about their preferences

There are people who enjoy oral sex, and others who don’t find any pleasure in doing the act to their partners or vice versa. Communication is the best way to find out and understand both of your preferences, and see if it’s something that you’d both mutually enjoy!

Ask questions about your partner’s pleasure, and what kinds of stimulation and sensation they like. Do they prefer fast or slow? Lots of spit or less? Focusing on the head of their penis, or other areas? Learning your partner’s body and what they prefer will go a long way to giving a blowjob that really turns them on and gets them off. If you’re a beginner at giving a blowjob, you can learn more on how to give a blowjob to educate yourself, explore it with ease, and give satisfying pleasure to your partner.

2. The Importance of Foreplay

Foreplay can give you more intimate and emotional connection between you and your partner, and warm you up before even more pleasure. Foreplay sets the mood, and usually starts with intimate actions like kissing, fondling, and touching that build arousal and may lead to oral or other types of sex.

Foreplay stimulates not only the body, but also the mind. Sexual pleasure often starts in the mind, our desires, our fantasy, and through connection – and starts to manifest through the acts that both partners do to show they want to please their partners. This is the time for you to explore your inner erotic desires, and express them verbally or through your actions.

3. Maintain and be Consistent with Your Hygiene

Whether you’re performing oral sex or any type of intimate act, hygiene is one of the most important aspects you should maintain whenever you’re going to be intimate with your partner. Prioritize and practice good hygiene to boost both of your arousal, and feel like your most confident and best self from head to toe. You may even want to shower or bathe together as part of foreplay! Avoid scented soaps because they may affect your pH balance, and could lead to bacterial vaginosis or yeast infections.

4. Tease and Ready Yourself for Oral Sex Too

Teasing your partner can work them up before oral sex, and turn you on too! You can tease them by slowly caressing their penis or vagina, even if their clothes are still on. You can also touch, kiss, and lick all off the surrounding area before getting to the most sensitive spots – or tease the tip of your partner’s penis with your tongue before exploring the rest of their package. 

Oral sex can be very enjoyable to give, not just receive! If you’re going to perform using your mouth, having a good time should start with you. Explore what kinds of motions turn you on, and enjoy hearing or feeling your partner’s reactions, moans, and body motions as you give them pleasure. What about oral also turns YOU on? Tune in to your own body’s cues. You can also move on top of or beside your partner, so they can pleasure you at the same time – or use your hands or a toy on yourself too!

5. Experiment with New Techniques 

Besides licking or using your tongue along the penis itself, you can also get other body parts involved, incorporate your hands, their balls, use spitting to lubricate them, or deepthroating. There are so many possibilities to explore! More often than not, people usually have fantasies that are inspired through watching others online, and this can be a place to learn new techniques and explore what turns you both on. Watch something together, then try to enact it! Prioritizing both of your pleasure and incorporating new ideas and techniques will go a long way to keep your sexual relationship exciting. 

Sex Education is a Must 

Being a beginner to oral sex shouldn’t hinder you from having fun with your partner. You just need to be open, communicate, and focus on what brings you both the most pleasure. Always remember that the right preparation, open communication with your partner, and practice help a long way to ensure you’re both having an amazing, adventurous time.

There are many ways to master oral sex, from articles like this, to videos and guides that can be readily accessed online, or you can also directly ask your partner on their preferences! Oral sex doesn’t need to intimidate you. As long as both you and your partner are enjoying it, then that’s all that matters!