Paulita Pappel is a feminist pornographer, perhaps best known for her work producing, directing, and performing at Ersties, a site dedicated to real and intimate girl-made porn. Together with three other fabulous women, Paulita also hosts the Ersties Podcast – known for its frank discussions of all things sex, relationships, and everything in between in a fun, open space. Recently, SGP had the opportunity to interview Paulita about the podcast, changing the landscape of porn, and how conservative lawmakers affect the sex industry.

How did the idea for this podcast come about?

We actually started working together on a video project for Ersties – it was quite ambitious, and soon we found ourselves spending time together after shooting going for drinks and talking a lot more about anything and everything than about the video project we were doing. We felt so comfortable with each other and loved to discuss sex, sexuality, relationships, and porn. At some point someone was like, “We should record our conversations and put them out as a podcast”. That is basically what the Ersties podcast is, a conversation amongst friends who happen to have a lot to say on these topics and love to talk very openly about it.

It’s important to bring non-mainstream voices on sexuality and feminism to the forefront. How do you believe your podcast helps do this?

We are four women who talk very openly, positively, possibly at times even aggressively about sex and sexuality. Already this is rare in the mainstream. We also have different perspectives, as some of us are sex workers, POC, pansexual, non-monogamous, kinky… and we are absolutely unapologetic about who we are and what we think. We also want to have guests who bring in new aspects to the conversation. Thus our ambition is to create a space with voices that would add some diversity to the discourse about sexuality and feminism.

What are some of the most taboo topics you’ve covered? And discussions you hope to have in the future?

We talk quite a lot about kinks, and we do not censor ourselves. We often share our personal experiences, even when they feel like the kind of thing you shouldn’t give praise to. No theme has felt off limits so far. In episode #5, I Kink Therefore I Am, we shared fantasies that would probably fell into the taboo category. We are planning a discussion on social taboo topics soon!

We’re sure being a part of this podcast has helped you learn a lot about yourself. If you could tell your teenage self one piece of advice, what would it be?

It is true that I personally feel I’ve learned a lot about myself by doing the podcast, it’s interesting how putting thoughts into words helps you understand your own feelings better. This might sound like a total cliché but what I would tell my younger self is: you’re alright, and it gets better. I felt so isolated as a teenager and had so many self-doubts, I wish I had known references with whom I could identify. I hope with the podcast we reach people that have felt that way and make them feel better!

In addition to the podcast, you run, an amateur porn site exhibiting real girls and female sexuality in its most natural form. How do you feel the growth of erotica made by women, for women is changing the landscape of the porn industry?

I have happily observed that there is more porn being produced that is more diverse and inclusive, and that has to do with women working behind the cameras. I believe porn has a great political potential for emancipation and sexual liberation, and it is crucial that people have access to different kinds of porn. The more diverse the people producing and directing porn the merrier the sexual imagery! Having different bodies, sexualities and desires on camera is something that the porn industry does better than Hollywood.

For readers interested in contributing their own videos, how can they get involved?

For women who want to try out to perform at Ersties, they should just send us an email! For people wanting to create their own video content I, of course, always welcome couples to

In what ways do you feel new internet laws aiming to censor the adult industry online will affect our everyday lives?

These new laws might be the end of the internet as we know it and a bunch of privileges will be gone with them once they come in place. Since the UK is creating a firewall similar to the Chinese one on the pretext of protecting the children, the sites we have access to might be censored sooner than we think it possible. After SESTA/FOSTA in the US, all the new possibilities that the technology had offered might disappear, such as dating and sex positive communities and resources. It is scary and it affects everyone, not only people in the porn industry, so everyone should care, inform themselves, and take action.

Do you have any upcoming projects we can look forward to?

We plan some special episodes for the Ersties podcast so definitely keep tuned!