You might not have heard of Penchant Premium lube before, but I guarantee that the moment you try it, it’s going to a be a staple in your bedside drawer. This silicone-based lube is incredibly high-quality and virtually everything you could ask for in a silicone lubricant. It’s silky smooth, feels soft and moisturizing against my skin, and has a light oily texture that is easy to clean off your body. If you’re typically a fan of silicone lube, you have to give this one a try!

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High End Ingredients

There are only four ingredients in Penchant Premium, and all of them are body-safe silicone, which makes this lube incredibly body-safe. Unlike water-based lubricants, it has no harmful preservatives, irritants, or petrochemicals (like parabens and glycerine). Just make sure to lay down a towel before using this lube, because silicone lubes tend to leave stains on sheets and clothing (like your favorite lacy panties). You’ll also want to steer clear of using this lube on silicone toys, as it could degrade the material or at the very least, be incredibly difficult to wash all the residue off.

The Experience

Penchant Premium is everything you could ask for in a silicone lube. It’s silky smooth, not sticky, tasteless, odorless, and long-lasting. It does have a thin, oily texture though – so if you prefer a thicker gel-like lube, it might not be right for you. While it is long-lasting, the sensation is thinner, so you might find yourself wanting to re-apply (though we didn’t have that issue). Overall, the feeling is very natural and stays slippery during all our play. We also found that this particular lubricant is very easy to clean off with soap and water, and even without cleaning it off, it doesn’t leave an uncomfortable residue. Rather, it just feels silky and moisturized.


Penchant Premium is everything we could have asked for, and has a secure place in our bedside drawer from now on. It’s simply fabulous in every way! If you’re looking for the perfect slippery lube for all your sensual adventures, look no further. This is one for the record books.

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