Pin the Tail on the Donkey is best known as a childhood game, but it has inspired a LOT of grown up fun… like the very hilarious Pin the Toy on the Boy. This poster games features a hot guy with an enviable body and variety of comical, realistically sized pecker stickers. Perfect for a bachelorette party or any other adult get together, it’s sure to have everyone cracking up!

What’s Included

The main pieces of this game are a 2’x3’ laminated poster and 18 unique penis stickers. A sexy guy with features that’ll have your heart racing stars up at you from the thin poster, with a bulls eye area right on top his nether region. Here’s where the vibrantly colored and very funny penis stickers come in. Each is on its own sheet of paper and peels off easily when ready to be used.

Also included is a piece of tape for hanging the poster (though, any ol’ piece of tape will do) and basic, black blindfold.

The Game

The rules of Pin the Toy on the Boy are simple, and follow its predecessor. Everyone takes a turn choosing one of the peckers and attempting to stick right on top the bulls eye. Whoever’s turn it is puts on the blindfold, is spun around two to three times a few feet away from the poster, and then pointed in the right direction. The fun begins! And at the end, whoever’s sticker is closest to the bulls eye wins a ‘Weiner’ trophy sticker to show off.

When I say this game is a great addition to any adult party, I mean it – and it acts as a great ice breaker. Each of the stickers evoked tons of laughter, but our favorites were definitely the cock-in-the-box, banana split dick, dragon penis, and wooden bat and balls! I just wish the stickers were reusable. While I was able to remove a few, the majority ripped while taking them off the poster.


An adult twist on a classic childhood birthday game, Pin the Toy on the Boy is sure to have you and your girls (and guys) laughing the night away. The humorously creative penis stickers bring just the right amount of naughtiness and amusement, and will absolutely be a hit at your next gathering.

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