I love this “dress.” I look HOT AS HELL in it, I can’t even be modest. I not usually a fan of strapless tops, but this looked fantastic AND it stayed on very well. If I’m ever feeling meek in the bedroom, I’ll squeeze into this number and conquer the bedroom (or living room, bathroom, etc.).

Note: This product is no longer available. Check out our other favorite lingerie here.

Name: Pink Lipstick Lingerie Amnesia Seamless Dress
Type: Lingerie
Designer: Pink Lipstick

Hearts: 5 Hearts
4 Stars
3 Devils

Materials: Nylon, Spandex
Form Fitting, Any Figure

Fit & Design

This dress is “one size” – but definitely not “one size fits all.” I am a size 4 and it fits perfectly. I’d recommend it for sizes 2-8, but I think it could work for up to a size 12. Unfortunately for the larger ladies, you’ll have to look elsewhere for that super sexy bedroom number. The more the fabric stretches, the more see-through it becomes, which could make it even sexier. Personally, I like leaving a bit to the imagination with lingerie and am glad the solid bits were not see-through. Someone with large boobs may also find the fit of this dress less than ideal. There not a lot of coverage in front, and larger breasts might stretch the material so it’s barely bordering on nipple-coverage. As someone with a barely B chest, the coverage was just enough to feel naughty and confident that I won’t have a nip-slip. The dress has a lot of slits along the sides and in the front. For chunkier ladies, they may find their fleshy bits squeeze through the slits – but the construction of the dress tries to minimize this, so I don’t think it would be a major concern.

The dress fully covered my booty, just to the length that I may dare to wear it to a sex club. I think this dress would give me full coverage without any peeks to my private parts. With how revealing the slits are, exposing a good chunk of my butt, I wouldn’t wear it to any regular, even skanky, club. I could see someone wearing this dress at a rave club. It is sexy and fun and shows a bit of that rave booty. I would also wear this dress underneath clothing to have a sexy cut-out design peek out under another dress. The slits in this dress make it enticing and perfectly teasing. It really shows everything without showing anything.

There are no straps or hooks to hassle with – just slip it on or slip it off. It’s easy to roll this dress up or down for more access, but it will also stay put if you want to bend over to display your goodies.


This dress is made of nylon and a bit of spandex. It was comfortable and smooth on my body. It feels almost soft when I run my hands over it. There are many thin strips of fabric attaching parts of this dress together for maximum peek-age, but it doesn’t feel like it’s going to break. The fabric feels like decent quality that will hold up for years. It says to handwash, which you may want to do to preserve the dress for longer, but I personally would throw it in the wash with the delicates in a lingerie bag and think it’d be just fine.


I was very pleased with this lingerie. It was comfortable, sexy, and fitting. It made me feel like a queen the second I put it on, then when I walked into the room, my partner’s jaw dropped — definitely a success! I would absolutely recommend it.

Note: This product is no longer available. Check out our other favorite lingerie here.


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