Pink is an intimate accessory brand that prioritizes women in their marketing aesthetic and product line. Pink Natural is a twist on their regular water-based formula, being comprised almost entirely of plant-derived ingredients and ditching the harmful ingredient propylene glycol. It’s also glycerine- and paraben-free, making it a safe and body-friendly lube for even sensitive people. Thanks, Pink Natural!

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First Impressions

As with the rest of their products, Pink Natural is a classy-femme combination of girly script and fresh, bright pops of color. As with all water-based lubricants, Pink Natural is safe to use with all toys and body parts. If you’re ever in doubt, a good water-based lube (with no nasty ingredients) is your best go-to in any sensual situation.

The lube itself is a clear, runny gel that smells faintly herbal and has no real discernible flavor. It’s basically neutral in all ways, save for a very slight, pleasant botanical undertone. According to Pink, this particular lube variant was intended to mimic natural female lubrication as closely as possible. It certainly feels very authentic, and the unobtrusive odor actually adds to the appeal.

Great External Lube

Pink Natural feels pretty much as advertised – it feels slick and slippery without being heavy, providing that extra bit of glide without the thicker, more cushioned texture of silicone-based lubricants. It feels great externally, creating a frictionless surface for all kinds of play, and provides a little more comfort when used internally. As with all water-based lubes, it needs some reapplication for longer play sessions. You can also use water to revive it, but personally I’ve never found a moment during sexual activity when spritzing myself or a partner down with a spray-bottle is ever an intuitive part of play. But maybe your sex life is more exciting than mine.

While I feel it would be too thin and short-lived for sustained anal play, Pink Natural works great with vulvas. It’s honestly the most inoffensive lube, neutral in everything and leaving no stickiness or residue behind either. The hippie in me loves all the plant ingredients (Ginseng! Oat extract! Aloe vera!), and the soft, light scent. Do the botanical ingredients do anything? Who cares! Plants are good for you. This surely applies to the vagina as well.


I would without doubt recommend this product to anyone looking for a body-friendly, all-purpose lube that does exactly what it should without trying too hard. This lubricant is nothing special – it doesn’t claim to change your life, increase sensitivity, heat up, cool down, or turn your genitals into gold. It just lubricates effectively, without any weird sticky patches or thrush infections afterwards. Go Pink Natural! I’m definitely sold.

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