Games are an amazing way  to break the ice and get to know someone new, or connect more deeply with folks you’ve known forever (or even just a weekend!) With intimate games, you can explore even deeper… with teasing, tempting dares and blush-inducing questions. 

In the spirit of building erotic connections, the app-based game for adults, Plaro, is a free digital board game designed to build intimacy, explore fantasies, and playfully explore sexual tension! It’s super easy to play, accessible to everyone, and you can customize your gameplay – whether it’s you and your boo, or your whole adventurous crew.


Plaro, sex game, sex board game


Who is Plaro for?

Plaro was designed to be played by anyone and everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re single, partnered, or what your sexual preferences are. It’s equally great for couples that have been in long-term relationships, or those that are just starting to date, or people that aren’t dating at all. 

While Plaro is naturally a sexually explicit game, you can easily adjust how you play to meet everyone’s comfort level. If you want to keep things more modest, you can play 4 rounds of “Flirty”. If you’re ready to bare it all you can jump right in and play 4 rounds of “Filthy”. It all depends on how far you’re willing to explore. 


Plaro, sex game, sex board game


And this should go without saying, but Plaro is also a game of consent. If you get a card that you’re not comfortable with you can absolutely modify it or pass it all together and move on to the next person. Don’t feel pressured to try anything you’re not into, and don’t play with people who say otherwise!

Plaro has over 500 Plaro playing cards! It’s absolutely packed with all kinds of activities that really run the spectrum. Even folks that feel like they might not have a lot of experience can enjoy a round. And those that are old pros may still stumble across an arousing card that could lead to some erotic inspiration. 



How to Play Plaro

Grab your phone and search for Plaro in your app store. It’s free to download and available on all phones and operating systems. You can play with 2-8 people, so gather your open-minded friends, your partner, or your current crush. While this is an app-based game all the players do need to be in the same physical space because it’s interactive, and how else are you building that sexual tension. Input your players’ names and get ready to get intimate. 


Plaro, sex game, sex board game


Players take turns rolling the virtual dice to make their way around the hexagonal board. Each tile has a steamy task to complete or a question that needs to be answered. There are 4 levels of intimacy to the game. You can start at level one, known as “Flirty”, which is on the tame end of the spectrum. You might land on a tile that tells you to give another player a friendly shoulder rub, or pick someone out for a romantic slow dance. You can progress through to “Naughty” level 2, “Horny” level 3, and if you’re really game go all the way to “Filthy” level 4 where you’ll encounter bolder and more risque cards. 

The first player to make it all the way around the board gets to collect an Ultimate Card. Every Ultimate Card has a description of a sexual desire or fantasy scenario. For example, setting up a romantic candlelight evening, or create your own homemade erotic film. At the end of 4 rounds, the winner will get to select their favorite Ultimate Card and act it out, with other players’ consent of course! 


Plaro, sex game, sex board game


The twist in the Plaro is the Lucky Circle. On the app it looks like a board within the mainboard. One spin of that arrow can change the whole course of the game! You can earn a spin of the Love Arrow when you get certain cards that have the spin symbol tucked in the corner or every time you complete a round and land on or pass the ‘Start’ tile. The tiles of the Lucky Circle could give you the opportunity to snag an Ultimate Card from another player, change your position in the game, or present another player with a Truth or Dare. It has a sort of spin-the-bottle vibe. You never know where the arrow will land!


Plaro, sex game, sex board game



Upgrade Your Plaro Game

You download Plaro for free and you can start playing immediately, on level one. In order to get to the more explicit levels you need to make a purchase. There are two options, you can either opt for a $3.99 monthly subscription or a one-time $9.99 purchase. The monthly subscription actually unlocks more features. You get access to the whole board game with all 500+ Plaro cards. You’ll also have the ability to create your own cards and include them in the game. With the full version you can also extend the game from 4 rounds to 8 rounds giving you more opportunities to explore! The one-time purchase option also gives you access to the full board and all the levels, plus over 450 Plaro cards. The main difference is you won’t be able to make your own cards so it’s not as customizable. 


Plaro, sex game, sex board game


Go Play Plaro

If you like games, and you’re open to exploring sexuality and intimacy you should give Plaro a shot. It’s the perfect combination of fun and sexy. There is so much variety to the tasks and questions that could come up. It’s not complicated at all and is inclusive of everyone. There are no stigmas or restrictions, it’s actually great for creating an open and honest conversation around sex and desires. You can incorporate Plaro into your next date night, use it as a foreplay tool, or have a wild night with your closest friends. You can play Plaro on any device, phone, tablet, desktop, or smart tv. It’s available in all app stores!


Download Plaro Today!


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