With the growth of the online dating scene, meeting up with someone for a bit of bedroom fun is becoming an increasingly popular way for people to date each other. Even though some might still frown on this approach, a lot of us are accepting casual dating as part of our daily lives. And just because it is casual doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t put in the effort.

Being honest

The first place to start is honesty. When we go on casual dating sites, it is important to be as truthful as we can about who we are and what our intentions are. This shouldn’t really be an issue; after all we are meeting up with someone who wants something similar than we do: to have a bit of naughty fun without the complications that come with committed relationships. The fact that we can get to choose dating websites based on our preferences means that we can find like-minded partners without the need to lie to someone just to get them into bed with us. Instead, we can announce things as they are, making our intentions clear. This will not limit the amount of success we will get from using online dating sites, if anything it will weed out the ones we are not interested in, focusing on quality rather than quantity.

Putting in the effort

Even though we are mainly aiming to have some bedroom fun, we still need to be of good company to our potential partners. So let’s treat our date as any normal date and let’s put in the effort. The first thing to do is to find a nice place to meet up so we can sit down and have a nice conversation with a few drinks, maybe even a bit of food. There is nothing wrong with making it a restaurant date, though of course we don’t want to get too bloated! The idea is to be courteous and not rush things; after all we know that we will most likely end up in bed anyway so let’s take the time to know each other.

Physical preparations

We should make an effort to look good and present well. As we are looking at having sex, it is important to make ourselves as physically appealing as we can. This means dressing the part; smart casual is a great way to look good whilst keeping a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Preparing physically also means making sure we are as hygienic as we can get. Not only should we be clean, but also it is our responsibility to ensure that we do not have any illnesses or other unwanted infectious diseases. It is a fact that any casual dater who has multiple partners should visit the doctor regularly. Even though safety should be used during the act, getting ourselves regularly checked for STI’s is the most respectful and safest thing to do.

No-strings-encounters have be done with respect and courtesy and should not be treated as a second-grade activity. After all we owe it to ourselves and our partner to be the best we can be. This will ensure we have a good time without all the nasty side effects. Doing things the right way makes casual dating a more respected way to date, taking it away from its seedy reputation and making it a truly accepted method of dating for people living in the modern world!