Promescent is a sexual wellness brand working to extend everyone’s pleasure. Their debut product Delay Spray was created and backed by health care professionals. Now they’re back with a sequel product, Promescent Delay Wipes. For folk with penises, getting overstimulated too quickly can be a bit embarrassing and it shortens the intimate experience for their partner. With Delay Wipes you can temporarily decrease sensitivity to targeted points along your penis, making you last longer during sex! The wipes use similar technology to the original spray but are now even more convenient and discreet. 


promescent delay wipes


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How Do Delay Wipes Work?

The penis has over 6,000 nerve endings that are all alert and ready to tell your body how good you feel and that it’s time to orgasm. Sometimes they get a bit over-eager and you cum before you or your partner are actually ready. Promescent Delay Wipes are individually wrapped towelettes that contain 7% benzocaine. Benzocaine is a desensitizing agent that temporarily slows down your nerves so your body doesn’t get the big O signal as fast. Making you last longer in bed and more importantly, increasing everyone’s pleasure!

According to Promescent, their formula is 75% stronger than other brands with similar products, and their website has a very helpful comparison chart. At first, it may sound a little alarming to purposely numb your penis but the effects of the benzocaine take place on the surface, and it’s not designed to make you completely lose feeling, only to make you less sensitize to touch so you can enjoy sex for a longer period of time. The Delay Wipes aren’t supposed to be applied to your entire penis either, so you won’t be numb all over. You should be selective and only target the most sensitive areas. Promescent recommends the glans, frenulum, and underside, but everyone’s different!


promescent delay wipes

How to Apply Promescent Delay Wipes

Promescent’s first product for delaying gratification was the Delay Spray. While it’s super effective, it’s not the most convenient for on-the-go needs and it could be hard to target precise areas in spray form. So they developed Delay Wipes for better control, easier application, and discreet, slip into your pocket packaging. Using the wipes is very simple. You just pop open one of the wipes and rub it onto the most sensitive points of your penis. Then you just need to wait about 10 minutes for the benzocaine to be fully absorbed and dry. The waiting is important because you don’t want to have the effects transfer to your partner. You want them to fully enjoy their time with you. Promescent says that you don’t need to be hard inorder to apply the wipes but some users have noted that it’s easier to hit the areas you want when you already have an erection. After that, you’re good to proceed as usual!

The Delay Wipes are safe to use if you plan on having oral sex, but you want to make you’re completely dry and Promescent recommends wiping any excess solution off with a damp cloth. Always make sure that you only use these wipes as directed. Do not use them to try and numb anyone’s mouth or butt for sex. It’s important that you and your partner be able to feel if something hurts. 


promescent delay wipes


A great tip from Promescent is to give the wipes a try on your own first. You can experiment on which areas of application work best for you and get a sense of how it feels before engaging with a partner. The effects last for about 30-45 minutes. If you really want something that’s going to last a bit longer the Delay Spray can work for up to an hour. Promescent also notes that if you struggle with more severe premature ejaculation you may have more satisfying results with the spray. While the wipes are better for those impromptu moments the spray is their most effective product. 


Try Promescent Delay Wipes

Promescent Delay Wipes are simple to use and effective at helping people with penises last longer during sex. The individual wrapping means you can easily travel with a few in a bag or pocket on a night out. You can discreetly apply the wipes and be ready to go in less than 15 minutes. You can buy the wipes in a 5 or 15 count package. Promescent offers free shipping on orders over $10 and if you aren’t completely satisfied with the wipes there’s a 60 Day money back guarantee. But if you really like them you can subscribe and have them delivered every month!



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