Pure Bliss Box has made their adult subscription service even better with the latest addition to their collection, the Platinum Edition box! Get ready to enjoy their biggest selection of products ever, with over $150 worth of toys, lubricants, and other unique adult products… designed to bring you pleasure and variety all in one convenient subscription service. Whether you’re exploring your desires solo or with a partner, the Platinum Edition box is curated to excite people who are serious about sexual pleasure. This particular box comes completely packed for pleasure, and if you love variety and trying new things, you’ll definitely find many things to love in this unique kit!

Want something a little smaller for your first time? We tried out all three of their other adult-themed subscription boxes – For Her, For Couples, and For Couples Extra Naughty – and put the items and their service to the test, and you can read that review here.

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How It Works

Pure Bliss Box is all about the experience, with a variety of toys all in one package, delivered discreetly to your door. They want to make pleasure effortless for you, and bring a little extra passion, mystery, and excitement into your life – all with a hassle-free, inexpensive, and exciting subscription service. Every month (or quarterly if you prefer), a package will arrive at your door, full of products picked to enhance excitement, adventure, and passion – whether you’re a single girl, couple up, extra kinky, or just want a little pampering. They guarantee that hot and steamy nights, with no work at all. Their latest Platinum Box promises even more products and variety for the cost of a nice date night. They promise to only send an exciting array of different types of toys, with a new selection every month. You can expect to get several mid-to-high quality sex toys, lotions & lubes, erotic games, sex tips, and more (like shave creams, coupons, or other treats). You pay $70 per box (including free shipping), and there’s at least $150 worth of product within. Plus, you get the convenience of having it picked out and delivered for you. If you’re not a fan of the service or products, your subscription can be changed or cancelled at any time. You really can’t go wrong no matter which box you choose! 

Awesome Variety of Toys

When I first opened Pure Bliss’s brand new Platinum Box, I was shocked at how packed full of products this package was! It had more sex toys than I had imagined, for all types of sexual preferences and kinks,  including a rabbit vibrator, a prostate massager, a cocking, a dual vibrating bullet, and a whip that can double as a dildo. I definitely wasn’t expecting to get so many different types of toys. The toys alone would typically cost more than the price of the box! The majority of the toys were from California Exotics, a company known to make beginner-level toys. So, while these aren’t the most powerful or luxurious toys on the market, they are not poor quality either. Instead, they are designed to give you a variety of sensations and pleasures at a lower price point.

The Extras

After taking out the toys, I realized there were even more goodies tucked below them! The entire box was filled with amazing samples and treats – including two favorited lubricants, wipes, body jewelry, a sex positions calendar, and coupons. These aren’t typically items I’d usually buy for myself, but definitely help to create a very fun unboxing experience! I felt totally overwhelmed at how many goodies were included, and was definitely excited to give them a try. Even better, the box came with a small card with a “Pure Bliss Box Challenge”, two sexual experiences to try to heighten your adventure and excitement. It’s definitely a creative way to try something new and get a little outside of your comfort zone.



If you love exploring sex toys and adult products, and want a subscription service that gives all the variety you crave, the Pure Bliss Box’s new Platinum Edition box is exactly what you need. I love the selection of products, and definitely felt that all the combined toys were worth the price! Plus, with all the extras included, this box definitely went above and beyond what I expected. Of course, the items vary every month, so you may get different items than those shown here, but I have no doubt that they’ll be equally amazing, as long as you’re truly adventurous and open to all types of toys. This is one subscription service we won’t be canceling anytime soon!

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