You might’ve heard of the lovely pleasure product company, Pure Romance, before! Started in the founder’s basement in the 90s, Pure Romance now has Consultants worldwide who throw at-home parties to bring pleasure right to your door. The company focuses on inspiring women to take charge of their sexual health, enhance their intimacy, and even educates women about their bodies, pleasure, and products in their own homes.

On their site, Pure Romance offers an array of bath and beauty products, sex toys, and lubricants and creams meant to ignite your sensuality both in the bedroom and out. We got to try a box full of bath, body, and pleasure products to delight your erotic senses!



7th & Plum Pheromone Infused Fragrance

This beautiful pheromone-infused fragrance is the perfect blend of vibrant, fresh and romantic aromas. Pheromones naturally enhance eroticism and get you and your partner’s hormones flowing to feel even more flirtatious and attracted to one another. Pure Romance notes that the scent features a subtly sexy blend of wild blueberry, rose, hyacinth, teakwood, and vanilla. From my experience, this makes the aroma perfectly sensual without being too sweet or too floral. The scent lasts all day without being overpowering and can easily and elegantly transition to the evening. It comes in a chic, artistic bottle with pretty packaging that would also make it the perfect gif!



Get it at Pure Romance for $59


Love Story Coochy Cream

One of Pure Romance’s most popular products is their shave cream. This creme prevents razor burn anywhere you shave, from your legs to your underarms and especially your most intimate areas, which can be sensitive and prone to razor burn and bumps! Like the other products in the line, this creme smells deliciously sensual and left my skin feeling soft to the touch. I tend to have sensitive skin that is razor burn prone, so this was perfect for me. Bonus – it also doubles as a conditioner!

Get it at Pure Romance for $20

Also available in Blooms en Noir
and Sweet Fantasie




Body Boost Firming Cream

If you’ve ever wanted a cream that can help to firm and lift your skin, this is the product for you. Pure Romance notes that this cream helps you to “defy the laws of gravity” – lifting and firming while smoothing and tightening your skin. Personally, I like to use this cream everywhere I shave to help reduce the appearance of my pores. I love that this lotion is paraben-free and contains natural oils and caffeine (which gives it its tightening properties).



Get it at Pure Romance for $30


Kaia Clitoral Vibrator

This silky soft silicone clitoral vibrator features six different speeds and pulsing patterns that are perfect to help you explore different sensations. It ranges from light to powerful vibrations that buzz throughout the toy. This vibrator has a really cool design, with flexible, uniquely-shaped wings that are designed to cradle the clitoris. The toy also fits perfectly in the palm of your hand so you or a partner can use it with ease. In addition, the vibrator features Pure Romance’s patented hydrothrill motor, which creates vibrations at a low frequency that travel best through liquid (aka: all the water in our bodies)! This also means that you can take this toy in the bath or shower with you and clean it easily with soap and water when you’re done. It is also rechargeable via a USB, which makes this toy super convenient to use at any time – no batteries required! This toy does tend to be on the loud side though, so if you’re living in a dorm or at home, you may want to opt for something quieter.



Get it at Pure Romance for $89


Just Like Me Water-Based Lubricant

Pure Romance’s water-based lube is pH balanced, imitating your own natural lubrication. This is great for anyone with sensitive skin, as it is formulated to be as gentle as possible. I love that this lube comes with a pump, because it makes the experience mess-free and puts the perfect amount right in your palm. The formula is long lasting so you only need a small amount, and one bottle can last you several months. It feels silky smooth, and in my use, most of the time never got sticky, but occasionally started to feel sticky depending on how long we played and how much we used. You can use this lube during all type to be as gentle as possible. I love that this lube comes with a pump, because it makes the experience mess-free and puts the perfect amount right in your palm. The formula is long lasting so you only need a small amount, and one bottle can last you several months. It feels silky smooth, and in my use, most of the time neve s of play – whether you want more slippery wetness during sex, more lubrication with a sex toy, and you can even use it any time of day to increase your lubrication.



Get it at Pure Romance for $20


Come Clean Sex Toy Cleaner

After a night of fun, you’ll definitely want something to give all your favorite toys the TLC clean that they deserve! This sex toy cleaner is specially formulated with gentle soaps to keep your toys good as new. Washing your toys thoroughly helps you avoid infection (so your toys don’t harbor bacteria over time). This formula doesn’t irritate skin and makes cleanup after play a breeze.



Get it at Pure Romance for $18



Pure Romance’s products definitely deliver the sensual eroticism as promised! The body products are made with high-quality, non-irritating ingredients, and their clitoral vibrator has a silky soft silicone with high-end features. These would be perfect for anyone looking to dip their toes into the world of erotic imagination, with an array of sensual products that can ease you into exploring your sex life!



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