This incredible rabbit from Ann Summers combines two of my absolute favorite sex toy materials into one glorious vibrator. I never would have thought of combining the smooth, sleek, and cold touch of metal – with the warm, soft, and supple texture of silicone – but the sex-masters at Ann Summers thought of it, and for that, I’m forever grateful.

The Rampant Rabbit has a sleek, erotically curved metal shaft which is attached to a silicone base, silicone controls, and a vibrating silicone rabbit. It offers a unique dual sensation, as the clitoral portion is soft, stimulating, and packed with powerful vibrations – while the metal is smooth, slim, and sturdy for a very powerful internal experience. The entire vibrator is sleek and stylish – with powerful vibrations to match. The Rampant Rabbit offers 3 strong speeds and 4 different vibration settings, to bring you maximum pleasure regardless of your preference. The vibrations are focused along the silicone rabbit ears, perfectly targeting your clit with either pin-point or dispersed vibrations. Overall, I love this luxurious, ergonomic design – and love the vibrations even more! I would absolutely recommend it to anyone – whether you love silicone, metal, or are simply looking for your next favorite rabbit vibrator.

Note: This product is no longer available. We recommend Lovehoney’s Happy Rabbit 2 instead.

Name: Rampant Rabbit – The Metal One
Type: Rabbits, Vibrators
By: Ann Summers

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 4 Devils
Vibration: 4 Cars
Noise: 1 Bee

Material: Silicone, Metal
Special Features: High Quality, Beginners, Waterproof, 3 Speeds, 4 Patterns, Rumbly Vibrations, Quiet, Travel Friendly, Worth Every Penny, Battery Powered

Gorgeous Design

This Rampant Rabbit is part of Ann Summer’s “Silicone and Metal” series – a line of toys that delightfully combines metal and silicone. Other toys in the series include a beaded dildo, cock ring, and anal plug – all of which look wonderful. I can’t wait to try more from this series, and hope that Ann Summers considers creating some more! The silicone / metal mixture is quite unique, and a contrast to other toys, which typically are one solid material. It definitely doesn’t disappoint.

The Rampant Rabbit has a contoured shaft made of gorgeous, sturdy, heavy, premium, nickel-free aluminum. The metal can be warmed or cooled in water prior to use depending on your preferences. Personally, I like the metal to be cooled at room temperature – which gives it a metal bite that isn’t overpowering, and warms up with use. The softly curved tip of the shaft is perfect to massage your G-spot, and the contours throughout are wonderful without being overpowering. The slim design is great for thrusting, and would be wonderful for a beginner that doesn’t want any stretching “fullness” sensation. The full length of the toy is 8 inches, with the insertable length 4.5 inches. The entire toy is waterproof!


Surprisingly, the Rampant Rabbit has some pretty strong vibrations with a nice variety. The vibrations are stronger than your average vibrator, without being overpowering. The three vibrations speeds – low, medium, and high – are fabulous for a variety of preferences. The low vibration is a great warm up tease, the middle cranks it up with some more RPM, and the final high speed is orgasmic. It’s a great build up.

The patterns are:

  1. Low steady vibration
  2. Medium steady vibration
  3. High steady vibration
  4. Fast pulses increasing in intensity
  5. Medium-high pulse
  6. Faster pulse
  7. The short pulses followed by one long pulse

Unfortunately, the vibration doesn’t travel very well down the shaft of the toy (like, at all). The vibration could have been much stronger there. Perhaps it would have been better with a dual motor, where one is in the shaft. Even so, I really love this vibrator as is. The internal vibrator isn’t incredibly important to me, so I didn’t mind this. But, I do wish it had more of an option for dual stimulation. If you like the sensation of clitoral stimulation alongside a static dildo – this will be fine. But, if you prefer internal vibration as well, I’d recommend passing on this toy. The vibration is entirely focused in the rabbit ears, and any vibration travel is not strong. The vibrator is surprisingly nearly silent. It’s one of the quietest vibrators I own, especially for it’s size and being a rabbit.

Pros & Cons


  • Great, unique, pleasurable design
  • Easy to insert and thrust
  • Nice g-spot angle
  • Fabulous materials that excite the skin
  • Nice quality vibrations in rabbit ears


  •  Shaft does not vibrate


I really love this metal-silicone hybrid. It would be fabulous for anyone who loves the feel of both metal and silicone – and prefers a smooth, hard shaft with the soft silicone of a clitoral rabbit. It’s pretty great for thrusting, although it doesn’t give much “fullness” feeling at all. Although I was disappointed that the shaft didn’t vibrate, the vibration of the rabbit ears were strong enough to please me – which is, admittedly, a hard feat to accomplish. For someone who doesn’t love internal vibrations, this clit vibe would be perfect. I wish it was rechargeable – but otherwise, can’t complain! It’s made of fabulous, high quality materials – has a sleek look – and is waterproof. Really, a total win!

Note: This product is no longer available. We recommend Lovehoney’s Happy Rabbit 2 instead.


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