Step into the raw realities of the rebirth journey as Lorrae guides you through how to navigate big shifts in your life, as you transform your relationships, set boundaries, and follow your intuition. This episode unveils Lorrae’s personal experiences and invaluable insights into building your birth team, acquiring tools for growth, and prioritizing yourself as you reconnect with your intuition, extend self-compassion, and follow your passions with excitement and curiosity.

Drawing upon the metaphor of rebirth, Lorrae illuminates the challenging yet profoundly rewarding transformation process, as we surround ourselves with uplifting friends, supportive resources, and our own intuition to navigate this transformative and oftentimes messy journey with as much grace as possible.

Come along as we uncover the significance of cocooning yourself in the loving embrace of empowering people, crafting a birth team that fosters guidance and support, exploring the identification of toxic relationships and patterns that hinder growth, and advocating for ourselves as we establish boundaries to safeguard our emotional well-being.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking guidance and inspiration on their own path of rebirth!

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Episode three of the Pleasure Provocateur podcast with Lorrae Bradbury.


Empower Your Rebirth Journey

Throughout the episode, Lorrae equips listeners with practical wisdom for cultivating healthy relationships and reconnecting to ourselves amidst differing stages of growth. The importance of self-work takes center stage as she unravels the intricate influence of family dynamics on personal development, and unveils the complexities of establishing boundaries with potentially traumatic family members.

Prepare to embark on a riveting voyage of self-discovery and growth, enriched by expertise and empowering guidance. 

In this episode, we chat about:

  • Preparing yourself for rebirth: Discover the importance of building a supportive birth team, gathering knowledge, and curating your surroundings to align with your needs, in the form of friends, therapists, and professionals who can provide guidance and encouragement throughout your transformative journey.
  • Building your birth team: Just as in the birthing process, we need a supportive team to be by our side. As we transform, we need to surround ourselves with folks who understand and can help — supportive friends, therapists, and family — and cut ties with toxic relationships. This doesn’t have to be permanent, but anyone who can’t be a supportive force on your journey should have firm boundaries set between them + your emotions.
  • Acquiring tools for rebirth: Set yourself up for success with a collection of resources to guide you along your journey, such as seeking therapy, coaching, workshops, and self-help books to understand the patterns that keep us stuck, and create an informed plan to address them.
  • Prioritizing yourself: Your rebirth is a time to nourish your soul, prioritize your growth, and look after your well-being. Stop pouring from an empty cup and realize it’s okay to take time to attend to your own physical, mental, and spiritual needs.
  • Reconnecting with intuition: Trauma, gaslighting, and emotional neglect can cause us to lose touch with our own needs, boundaries, and intuition. As we heal those painful patterns, we learn to listen to and honor ourselves again. Train your mind to trust your intuition, embrace the unknown, and let go of what no longer serves you.
  • Trusting ourselves + self-compassion: Don’t compare your past decisions to your present knowledge. Extend yourself the same self-compassion today, as you would to your own inner child, acknowledging the messy learning journey and that bad days do happen. The journey isn’t linear, and we don’t need to beat ourselves up for having a hard time.
  • Following our passion, excitement, and curiosity: Unleash your hidden talents, explore new interests, and find inspiration and motivation on your journey. The things that bring you joy and light you up, serve as a compass toward your highest calling. It’s the embodiment of your pleasure and the path meant for you. The more you align with your values, passions, and purpose, the more you can design a life that brings you true happiness and fulfillment.


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