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When I learned about the We-Vibe 3 just a few months ago, I instantly rushed to the store to get it. I knew hardly anything about sex toys at the time. I just knew I loved my vibrator, and I knew I loved sex – and what could be better than combining the two? I envisioned that it would be an unforgettable rush of ecstasy, only matched perhaps by the drug itself. After giving it a try, it was definitely unforgettable – but not for the qualities I imagined. During sex, it started out as uncomfortable, and then turned painful. Not only was this large foreign object in the way – but it was getting jammed into my cervix while simultaneous chafing my partner’s sensitive head. Not good. We ended abruptly, and tended to our wounds. During non-penetrative play, it was pretty cool – but who’s really buying it for that? It’s meant to be a couple’s toy used during sex, and for that, it failed.


Note: This item is no longer available. We recommend the We-Vibe Sync instead.




So, when my friends over at GoodVibes offered to send me the new and improved We-Vibe 4 for review, I was excited, yet skeptical. I accepted their offer, and hoped that this updated version would solve some of the issues of the previous We-Vibe 3. Looking at the specs, I could see that it was smaller with a new design with smoother silicone. It was supposedly more powerful, with some new vibration settings and a better remote control. When I went to use it, the upgraded design was noticeably better, but it still wasn’t perfect. It’s great for slow, gentle, rocking sex – but not quite strong enough, and still difficult for fast-paced sex- though the design was much better and the vibration variety was a great improvement. If you’re looking for a way to stimulate your g-spot and clitoris at the same time, the We-Vibe 4 is an AWESOME choice. If you’re looking for something to keep inside you while having sex… well, I’m not sure if there will ever be a vibrator that’s entirely comfortable, but the We-Vibe is slowly getting there. If you’re looking for a couple’s vibrator, this may be the best vibrator out there for you.



Name: We-Vibe 4
Type: Couples Vibrator, Vibrators
By: We Vibe

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 4 Devils
Vibration: 3 Cars
Noise: 2 Bees

Material: Silicone – Matte
Special Features: High Quality, Waterproof, 10 Speeds, 6 Patterns, Rumbly Vibrations, Curved, Remote Controlled, Quiet, Dual Motors, Travel Friendly, Worth Every Penny, Rechargeable, USB


How Does It Compare?

The We-Vibe 4, just like it’s predecessors, is generally meant to be a couple’s vibrator. You put one end inside you to hit your g-spot, while the other end curls around to hit your clitoris. Both ends vibrate. It’s supposed to leave just enough room for your partner to enter you underneath the internal arm. The We-Vibe 4 has made some awesome changes over the We-Vibe 3. The size, shape, design, material, vibrations, patterns, remote, and charging have all undergone a serious makeover – and the changes were definitely worthwhile.



At first glance, the We-Vibe 4 is 30% smaller than the We-Vibe 3. The This is designed to make it much more comfortable to wear during sex. The inner arm has a flat base, rather than rounded, for easier insertion with a partner. The inner arm also has a gentle triangle shape, so it can stay inside you better. The outer arm has a more pronounced curve than the previous We-Vibe, so it can better curve along your body. These changes, along with a more rigid connection between the two arms, make the updated We-Vibe a much more comfortable fit inside my body. This version stays in place inside me much better than the previous version, and has a gentle texture along each arm that provides a comfortable stimulation. It’s a snug fit that keeps connected, with little fear of it falling out or losing its place.



The updated We-Vibe 4 also has a silky silicone material that is a HUGE upgrade from the glossy silicone in the previous version. The We-Vibe 3’s shiny silicone attracts a lot of dust and lint, so you can never keep it clean. It also has a TON of drag against your skin, and we felt like we had to apply more and more lube just to prevent it from hurting my partner’s penis. This silky silicone has much less drag and doesn’t pull along your skin in the same, painful way. The previous We-Vibe needed a lot of lube to be comfortable, but when you used lube, it became slippery, moved around a lot, and could even fall out. The We-Vibe 4 requires lube, but it doesn’t have that same slippery dilemma. You can keep control of the We-Vibe without having to sacrifice your comfort.



The We-Vibe 4 has some updated vibrations and partners. The We-Vibe 3 had 2 speeds and 4 patterns. The We-Vibe 4 has 6 patterns, each of which is available at 10 different speeds. So, there’s 60 combinations available, all controlled by your fingertips with a button and remote. Awesome! The vibrations feel slightly stronger, but the placement of the vibrations is incredibly improved. The original We-Vibe 3 has its clitoral vibrations focused at the tip, and I couldn’t get it to align correctly with my body. The improved motors and design of the We-Vibe 4 has a closer fit to my body, and the vibrations seem more dispersed and can be strongly felt along the clitoral arm. It stays perfectly positioned no matter where I put it, and I don’t have to worry about losing contact with my clitoris at all.



The remote is also a big improvement. Instead of just one button, there are 4. You can use the left and right buttons to scroll through the patterns, and the up and down buttons to adjust your vibration intensity. Unfortunately, you have to have a direct line of sight for the remote to control the vibrator (so no discreetly using it through your pocket and dress at the bar), but it does seem to have a longer range, if there’s nothing in the way and you’re pointing directly at it.



Vibration Power & Functions

I was initially disappointed when the We-Vibe 4 didn’t come charged. I whipped it out in the heat of the moment to surprise my man, only to find that it was beyond dead. Not even a glimmer of hope for vibration. I fumbled with the instructions, thinking I must have a defective model, until I found that it needed a 6 hour charge before its first use. I took out the charging port, but it took me a few moments to figure out which way the We Vibe sat in the port. I must have put it in every way except the right way until I figured it out – but in the We Vibe’s defense, the right way is very clearly marked in the manual, but who has the will to read that in the throes of passion? Not this slut. Admittedly, the charging mechanism is awesome. Instead of a finicky magnetic port that has to be placed onto the vibrator just so for it to work, the We-Vibe sits in it’s little vessel alongside a remote, covered with a lid, and can look totally nonchalant on your nightstand. It’s USB rechargeable – though personally, I prefer A/C charge.

You turn the We-Vibe on with a button conveniently placed on the top. You can cycle through the patterns using the button or the remote control. The remote control can cycle through the patterns in either direction, and adjust to 10 speeds. The patterns are:

  1. Steady Low
  2. Steady Medium
  3. Steady High
  4. Fast Pulses
  5. Rollercoaster (Low, to High, to Low)
  6. “Echo” (alternating between clitoral and inner motor)

If you’re using the button to cycle through patterns, you’ll hit all these patterns – and then adjust the intensity with the remote. If you’re using the remote, the first 3 steady pulses are condensed into one setting, and you can still change the intensity of now 4 patterns.



Personally, despite the added vibration variety (which is serious awesome) the vibration power still wasn’t enough for me (surprise, surprise). I do think that this vibration setting would be perfect for most people – hell, when I first got the We-Vibe 3 a few months ago, it’s vibrations were perfect for me!! But now that I’ve been using vibes regularly for a few months, I crave something stronger. The vibrations are fabulously rumbly, and total perfection in quality. I think 90% of the population would be in heaven from these vibes alone. Personally, I need something a bit bigger and stronger.

We used the We-Vibe for about 30 minutes on the first try. When we woke up in the morning, I was ready to give it a go again! But, in just the time we were asleep, the We-Vibe had already died. I was super bummed that this little toy couldn’t hold it’s charge at all. It’s like you’re awesome friend that you love to go out with – but a few drinks in, she’s already puking and you’re calling a cab. I wanted it to last for the long-haul, not short out after just one session. We had to wait a few hours to let it re-charge – so be ready to have your charging port handy if this is your go-to toy.


Solo and Partner Play

My previous experience with the We-Vibe 3 left both my partner and I in pain. The inner arm of the We-Vibe slammed against my insides, and felt like it was about to go through me. Meanwhile, he felt like the head of his penis was being rubbed with a rubber tire. It was not a good experience. The We-Vibe 4 slightly solved this problem with a tinier design and silkier silicone, but it still felt like something was in the way.



We used way more lube than necessary this time, to ensure a seamless glide. My partner gently entered me with care, making sure not to overwhelm either of us with a deep thrust from the start. When he’s inside me and not moving, the vibrating internal arm feels great. It has the great “fullness” feeling of sex with an added vibration – almost like a very life-like vibrator. If we gently rock with each other, it has an incredibly pleasurable vibration that hits my g-spot perfectly. But as he moves further inside me and tries to thrust, it’s clear that either he’s too large or I’m too small for the We-Vibe 4 to work as intended. As we start to thrust, the new design of the We-Vibe 4 holds it in place better than before. But with a few more thrusts, the We-Vibe starts to move and poke my g-spot uncomfortably. Meanwhile, my partner has the same pulling sensation on his penis, although much less painful. The more we thrust, the more the We-Vibe seems to pull and poke and get in the way, though it doesn’t move around nearly as much as the We-Vibe 3. At the same time, the pleasurable vibrations get lost in the motion, until you hardly feel them at all. It’s not a painful sensation like the We-Vibe 3, but it’s not enjoyable either. To keep the pleasure of the We-Vibe alive, we have to stay in a gentle rocking motion, with just light and teasing thrusts – which personally is not our favorite kind of sex. If you enjoy slow sex with more rocking than thrusting, the We-Vibe 4 will likely stay in place to pleasure you. But, for us, the We-Vibe hasn’t been able to make my fantasy come true.

For solo use, it’s just okay. I’d much prefer a rabbit over the We-Vibe.

So, why do I still like this toy, despite it not being able to please me during sex or alone?



I love some of the kinkier uses we’ve come up with for the We-Vibe. I love when my partner takes control of the remote. If we’re in bed, I never know when just the flick of a button will start to excite and tease me. If he’s around during a lazy weekend, I can put the We-Vibe inside me and go about cooking, watching a movie, or just hanging around the apartment – while he could surprise me with vibrations at any time. He gets to control the pattern and intensity – which is fun for him and fun for me, since I never know what’s coming. You can also use it in the shower or in public. But beyond that, it’s awesome to have a totally hands-free experience while he pays attention to my other sensitive areas, or sets up some props for BDSM play… and my favorite use of the We-Vibe is exactly for that. Not only can it stay in during play, including impact play, but it can fall out. You can try to hold it in with your PC muscles, but if it falls out, you’re in trouble. The We-Vibe 3 was especially fun for this, because the shape, design, and material made it so slippery and non-ergonomic that it practically fell out on it’s own. But in the right position, with the right impact, and the right amount of losing yourself in the moment – the We-Vibe 4 can definitely fall out, and the consequence that causes can be exciting in and of itself.


Pros & Cons


  • Strong speeds and settings
  • Remote controlled
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Design that hugs body and is slim
  • Great charging port and storage case


  • May not fit comfortably for all bodies
  • Still a bit uncomfortable during sex



The We-Vibe 4 is a much better toy that the We-Vibe 3, hands down. It’s smaller, fits better, and has a lot more variety of vibrations. It works during slow, gentle, rocking, light thrusting sex – but it doesn’t work for the fast-paced porno-style sex I love. I really think the concept of this toy, in general, is a coin-toss. Your partner may be too big, you may be too small, it may not be the right fit, or you may prefer faster sex that the We-Vibe can’t accommodate. But, if you enjoy slower rocking sex and want something to stimulate you hands-free, this toy is really perfect. If you think this toy is for you, the updated design of the We-Vibe 4 is definitely the way to go.

Thank you, Good Vibes!

Note: This item is no longer available. We recommend the We-Vibe Sync instead.


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