Bored with my regular cycle tracking app, I found myself browsing the App Store for one that was a little more with the times. While my regular app got the job done, I was looking for something a little extra. Tracking my period and ovulation is all well and good, and my cycle app was capable of tracking symptoms and sex. But when it comes to those symptoms, I wanted to notice trends. And when it comes to the sex, it isn’t like I’m trying to get pregnant. I only record it to make sure I don’t get pregnant, actually. I found myself wanting something a little smarter – say, something that not only tracked if I was having sex, but how I was having it and whether or not I was enjoying it any.

Enter Eve by Glow, an app I have completely fallen in love with over this past week. How’s it different than your average cycle tracker? Let me count the ways…

More Than Cycle Tracking

It’s so easy to pinpoint different trends within your cycle using Eve. You can select how you are feeling, what your symptoms are, and whether or not you’ve had any discharge. Thinking you tend to be prone to acne and fatigue before you get your period? Unlike other apps, you don’t have to flip back to last month’s calendar and the month’s before that to see if you’ve had these symptoms before. Just click on a symptom you’ve recently logged to see when you’ve charted it before!

Even beyond symptoms, you can track your workout routine and whether you’ve indulged in salty foods, sweets, or booze. This is fantastic for trying to pinpoint what makes you feel so crappy on certain days and so amazing on others!

Finally, the sex aspect of this app is just superb. It’s totally inclusive, taking into account the fact that you can have sex with or without a condom (you enter whether or not you are using birth control in your settings), solo, or without a “banana” at all. This is super inclusive if your partner doesn’t have a penis, but I also use it if I’m hooking up with someone without actually having sex. Once you select how you’ve had sex, you can select how good it was. Click on “Trends” and you can tell what time of your cycle or day you have your best orgasms!

Ever-Changing and Intuitive

When you first open Eve, the header at the top provides a list of “Daily Gems” that are unique every single day. There’s a space to show when you should get your period, and then a few other items including a new Buzzfeed-esque “sex quiz” (about sex or relationships) every day. My favorite Gem is the Cycle Scope, a quick, sassy blurb about what to expect from your day based on where you are in your cycle.


The biggest bonus about Eve that no other cycle app matches is the community. When I first downloaded the app, I figured it was a forum that didn’t get much use. After all, I was using an app to calculate when I would get my next period. As much as I like talking about sex and my body, it’s such a taboo that I assumed most people using the app wouldn’t feel the same. Girl, was I wrong! I get a few push-through notifications a day about replies to posts I’ve been involved on, and there are constantly new polls and conversations being brought up. Everyone from girls in middle school to married women can communicate about relationships, periods, and sex questions and just share information about what’s going on in their lives.

Information Station

But the community isn’t the only place where you can find information on Eve! The app has a whole section devoted to different forms of birth control, including the pros and cons of each one. It’s like health class, only a lot smarter, sassier, and more realistic.

Room For Improvement

The only thing I miss from my old cycle tracker is recording symptoms. There was a bigger list to choose from including nausea, diarrhea, and other symptoms people can experience at certain points of their cycle. (Update: Some of these are now included!) Also, I was able to not only track that I had cramps or breast tenderness, but the severity of it as well. There was also an option to track medication. Eve has already made some improvements, so I hope these options are coming soon!

Presently, Eve is only available in the App Store (bonus: it’s Apple Watch compatible), but it looks like it’s coming to Google Play! (Update: Eve is now on Android!) Yay!


I’m a bit too enthusiastic about this app. This is it. I’ve found the one. I’ve fallen in love with a cycle tracker – and there’s no going back.