Penises are great, but sometimes you can skip dealing with the humans attached to them. So, what’s the next best option? A lengthy, realistic dildo with a sizable girth and variety of strong vibrations, pulsations, and escalations that’ll have you forgetting about your old boy toy in no time.

That’s where the Riodong comes in! It’s a wonderful, realistically designed and textured vibrator that’s incredibly pleasurable, easy to clean, and comes with an insertable vibrator with a variety of functions aimed to please. 

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Name: Riodong
Type: Vibrator, Ride-On Vibrator
By: Loving World

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 4 Devils
Vibration: 4 Cars
Noise: 2 Bees

Material: Silicone
Suction Cup Base, Multi Speed, Multi Function, Flexible

Realistic Design

Measuring over 8” long, with an insertable length of 6” and sizable girth, the Riodong is no small dildo. Its thick, silicone body and built-in vibrator give it some weight, along with its  durability. From top to bottom, this toy is extremely life-like! Easily seen and felt vein detailing throughout the shaft and balls, a moderately firm nut sack, and squishy tip almost made me forget I was looking at a sex toy rather than an actual male organ. The company claims the toy is made from the mold of a real penis, and I absolutely believe them. At the base is a suction cup for easy, hands-free fun on any smooth surface. So, don’t hesitate to indulge in some bathtub, kitchen counter, or floor play.

One thing I did notice was the amount of drag on this toy’s surface. So, you’ll want to make sure you have one of your favorite water-based lubricants within arm’s reach. Luckily, it comes with 8 ounces of their own lubricant!

Getting Started

The control buttons on this toy, located on the bottom front, are pretty straightforward. Hold the power button for three seconds to turn on and off, and press it to cycle through patterns. Pressing the lightening bolt symbol will activate a super intense, ten seconds “one key to orgasm” mode. Once over, the vibe returns to the pattern you were last on.

There is also the option of controlling your dildo with a wireless remote, perfectly fitting into the palm of a hand. To use, you’ll need to put one AAA battery in it before getting started. Simply remove the back cover, using the two open grooves, and place accordingly. Then, turn the dildo on before doing the same on the remote to sync the two.

Strong Vibrations

This hefty dildo offers more than just its size, it also features a nice range of powerful vibrations:

  1. Steady vibe
  2. Quicker steady vibe
  3. Faster steady vibe
  4. Quick pulsations
  5. Series of short pulsations
  6. Revving up
  7. Two short, steady vibes with three quick pulses
  8. Quick escalations
  9. Pulsations with two steady vibes
  10. Steady vibe followed by quick pulsations

In addition to strong vibes easily felt throughout the full shaft and a slight curve for G-spot stimulation, I loved the unique movement of the Riodong. While many dildos and vibrators have the same thrusting motion, this one combined that sensation with gyration in the upper half, making it even more pleasurable. And the unique orgasm mode is AMAZING. Once activated, there was a surge in power that sent quick, rumbly vibes from the base to the tip. Though, I did wish it lasted longer than ten seconds, as sometimes that’s just long enough to get me right to the edge without going over. All in all, this dildo offers an incredible internal massage sure to deliver orgasms!

Cleaning & Care

Like most other silicone toys, the Riodong is easy to clean and care for. Clean before and after each use with warm water and a water-based toy cleaner or mild antibacterial soap. It’s also a good idea to remove the battery from the remote to prevent erosion during down time. Then, place both in the provided bag – a pretty, grey drawstring bag with fancy lettering that’ll keep everything safe and together.

When the time comes to recharge this toy, locate the DC port on its lower left side and pierce the hole with the included connector. Then pair with a wall block to begin charging. A blinking light indicates charging, and will turn steady once a full charge has been reached.

Pros & Cons


  • Realistic design and feel
  • Body-safe silicone
  • Deep, powerful vibrations
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable


  • Picks up lint
  • Material has drag (so you’ll need a water based lube)


This life-like dildo is every size and power queens dream come true!  Everything about it from prominent veins throughout its thick shaft, to textured balls, to the incredible detailing of the tip resembles that of an actual penis. An internal vibe offering a range of strong vibrations adds to the sensation of this toy and its ability to bring users to orgasm over and over again. Whether you’re looking for a new dildo to add to your collection for solo fun or partnered play, the Riodong is a solid choice!

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