People often forget the importance of protection during oral sex. STIs can still be transmitted from the genitals to the mouth, but I know very few people who actually use condoms during blowjobs. That is partly because most condoms just taste awful. Some companies do make flavored condoms, but they often taste like medicine, chemicals, or artificial flavoring. My past experiences with flavored condoms made me a little reluctant to try Royal Condoms, which come in Strawberry, Chocolate, and Natural, but I gave them a try with an open mind. Royal Condoms claim to be different by using all-natural, non-toxic, vegan-friendly ingredients and materials, smelling and tasting like their true flavors and scents, and containing “perfect” water-based lubricant. Also, they are FDA cleared and triple-tested. While I appreciate the effort to create a luxury condom, I definitely have mixed feelings about each one that I tried and overall probably wouldn’t use these again. 

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I had the opportunity to try the Strawberry and Natural Royal condom flavors. Upon opening the Strawberry condom, my nose was filled with a lovely fruity scent. While it did smell pretty artificial, it was still pleasant and made me excited to try the flavor. I put the condom on my partner and licked the shaft… but I didn’t taste anything! Maybe I licked a “bare” spot, or so I thought. I licked the tip and I did get some taste. It kind of reminded me of the taste of strawberry flavored toothpaste. Not even close to a true strawberry, but not terrible. It definitely wasn’t anything out of the ordinary in the world of flavored condoms (or even strawberry flavored things, to be fair). After giving the rest of the shaft a few licks, it was obvious that the only spot that had any flavor was the very tip. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I figured that maybe I got a defective condom. But when I opened another one, the same thing happened. It seems weird that the flavor wouldn’t be spread evenly throughout the entire condom, because ya girl ain’t just gonna lick the tip.

I tried the Natural flavor next. The Natural condom was made with those who hate the taste of latex in mind and claims to taste totally neutral. Honestly, the taste of latex doesn’t really bother me, but I have to admit I was impressed that this condom lived up to its promise. I could still taste some latex but it was very minimal compared to how other condoms taste. This one was a winner for me!


Unfortunately, these condoms came up short during use. It was apparent from the moment I rolled the condom on my partner that he was uncomfortable. Although he is above average and would normally choose a larger condom for comfort, regular condoms usually do fit him. He said that because the condom was thicker, he felt more constricted. We tried having sex but couldn’t last very long due to his discomfort. These condoms would probably be okay for your average penis size, but the thickness may still interfere with pleasure. It felt fine inserted inside me, but because we weren’t able to keep it on for long I can’t say whether it was comfortable in the long-run.



I really did want to like Royal Condoms, but they just did not live up to the promise of a “luxurious sexual experience.” While I was impressed by the Natural flavor, the Strawberry flavor was not only artificial but barely there! The condoms were also constricting due to being on the thicker side and maybe a bit tight if your partner is above average. Unfortunately, my quest for a decent flavored condom did not end here.

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