I consider myself an oral sex enthusiast, so I’ve been excited to try an oral sex simulator for a while now. So, I was really pleased to add The Satisfyer Pro 2 to my collection. The cute rose gold aesthetic, easy to use buttons, and exciting suction really appealed to me. Though it’s not my favorite toy, I definitely think any lady who loves oral or the sensation of suction should give this toy a try.

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Name: Satisfyer Pro 2
Type: Oral Sex Simulator
By: Satisfyer

Hearts: 3 Hearts
Quality: 4 Stars
Naughtiness: 2 Devils
Noise: 2 Bees

Material: Silicone, Plastic
Special Features: Rechargeable, Suction

Aesthetic Appeal

Rose gold is in right now, and while I didn’t choose that shade for my iPhone, I guess you could say I did for my newest sex toy. I love the shade of the Satisfyer Pro 2. Not only is it cute, but the material is body-safe and safe to use in water. Charging is similar to that of my Clarisonic, completely reassuring me that bathtub play is A-okay. You just plug the charger in and magnetically attach it to the metal dots at the base of the toy.

Onto the buttons. The soft material is easy and comfortable to click. The small button at the base turns the Satisfyer on and off, while the bigger button switches between modes. There are eleven modes of intensity. Just keep pressing the button to go higher in the level of suction, and once you reach Level 11, continue pressing to start back at Level 1. All of the levels are pretty quiet – certainly something your dorm mate will hear, but not your roomie one wall over. Bonus – a small light between the two buttons indicates whether the toy is on or off, and can make finding your pearl easier in the tub or under the covers, especially when a partner who tends to need a map is involved.

Pleasing Power

Eleven levels of suction sounded perfect for me. I figured anyone could find what sort of attention their clit craves with that amount of variety! I definitely think I was right in that assumption. The light suction of the first few levels was a tease for me, the mid-levels got me going (and got me off), while the highest levels just felt like hickey material – and not the good type. Someone who needs more or less suction than I do could almost certainly find what they were looking for.

However, I’m not convinced this toy is meant for every anatomy. Clits, like every part of the vagina, come in different shapes or sizes. Mine is pretty small, so when I’m not already turned on, even I can have difficulty finding it. (As crazy/sad as that sounds, don’t worry about me. I actually have way more clit orgasms than any other type.) That being said, there are occasions when I use this toy that it just doesn’t work for me. I generally use external vibes that offer a broader stimulation to ensure that my clit gets the attention it deserves, and this toy is so pin-pointing. It’s not my favorite for this reason.

The guide suggests underwater play for extra stimulation. Baths freak me out unless someone has just bleached my tub eighty-seven times beforehand, so I didn’t give that a try, but I really think that the added water pressure would do amazing things. It just seems logical!

Using the Satisfyer Pro 2 also taught me what it is I really like about oral sex, something a simulator can’t necessarily provide. The texture and pressure of a tongue, something so soft that can create just the right amount of friction, can’t be imitated. (Though some scarier toys have tried.) I realized it’s not necessarily the suction I like so much about oral, but the unique sensation only a skilled mouth can create.

Keeping It Clean

One of my favorite aspects about the Satisfyer Pro 2 is how easy it is to clean it. The user manual even suggests that you can use a cotton swab and some toy cleaner to wipe off the head. I noticed that the “suction cup” part is removable, so I prefer to take that off, clean it with soap and water, dry that portion, and then adjust it back in place.

Pros & Cons


  • 11 levels of suction – something for everyone
  • Cute AF
  • Easy to use


  • Not for every anatomy


Any girl who enjoys oral sex should think about adding a simulator to her collection, though of course nothing can replace the real thing. The Satisfyer Pro 2 is adorable and came pretty close to one of my favorite sexual activities that I usually share with a partner. While it might not be for everyone, and isn’t even always for me, this is still a fabulous toy – one that I’m very happy to add to my collection.

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