Screaming O just came out with the high-quality bullet vibrator of your dreams. Their Charged Positive Vibe is everything you could ask for – strong, versatile, and rumbly, this lovely little toy is made to rock your world. It is completely waterproof, rechargeable, and has 20 different vibrating functions to keep you excited for more. Beyond its pleasurable vibrations, its contoured design helps to you perfectly pinpoint your pleasure zones to bring you over the edge almost instantly. This is such a high-end vibrator for the price, that I’m still kind of shocked it even exists at this price! If you’re ready to upgrade to a high-end vibe without the high-end price tag, give this vibe a try!

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Name: Charged Positive
Type: Bullet Vibrator
By: Screaming O

Pocket Sized Power

The Charged Positive is a pocket sized vibe that can literally fit in the palm of your hand. It’s no longer than my middle finger, at just 3.5 inches long with a 1 inch diameter. Although it is long enough to be used internally, it’s small girth wouldn’t be very satisfying. Instead, this little vibrator is meant to deliver fabulous vibrations to your clit. The gently pointed tip is perfect for pin-point stimulation, and the angle of the tip is perfect for positioning the power exactly where you want it. If your clit prefers vibrations on one side rather than the other, you can really zone in on the area that’s best for you.

This bullet is made of ABS plastic with a PU coat, so it’s firm with a silky exterior that feels great against the skin. It is body safe, smooth, and feels sturdy rather than flimsy. It looks very sleek and compact regardless of your color choice. I love how cute and compact it is. You could definitely travel with it with no fuss.

Strong, Satisfying Vibrations

Despite it’s tiny design, this vibrator has satisfying vibrations that are fairly deep throughout the toy. They are powerful enough to please even experienced users, yet wouldn’t be overpowering for a beginner. I’d recommend starting slow, and working up to the higher settings. It’s not very loud, so don’t worry about waking up your roommates – even if they’re light sleepers. Plus, it comes with 20 different vibrating functions, so a beginner can explore what types of patterns they like (and an experienced user can still try something new! Even at the highest speed, this toy will last for 60 minutes of play – so your session won’t be cut short in the heat of the moment. The vibrator is also 100% waterproof, so you can play with it almost anywhere.

Easy Charging

This toy comes with a USB rechargeable cord that attaches to the bottom of the toy. It’s really easy, and just takes 45 minutes of charge for over 60 minutes of use (on the highest setting). Even cooler – each toy comes with a sleek charge stand that can also be used as a finger cradle to better control the toy. Just slip Charged Positive through the cradle, and hold the thinner portion between your two fingers, to effortlessly use this toy.

Pros & Cons


  • Satisfying, strong vibrations
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to charge
  • Cool, sleek finger cradle


  •  None!


You’re going to love this versatile clitoral vibe. It’s everything you can ask for, all wrapped up in a cute package at an amazing price. If you’re looking for your new favorite clitoral vibe, go with Screaming O’s Charged Positive!

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Peepshow Toys for $40.


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