I love trying new impact toys & paddles, and this faux-leather XOXO paddle by Sex & Mischief was definitely a unique buy! There are tons of cheap, flimsy paddles out there that feel weak, as if they could break at any moment. This adorable yet durable paddle puts them, and your homemade spanking toys, to shame. It’s flexible, thin, and lightweight, yet still a firm paddle that can pack a nice sting. The “XOXO” design can even mark you with its pattern if hit hard enough! Overall, it’s a nice, affordable paddle that anyone would love – and would be especially perfect for anyone just starting their BDSM collection!

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Name: XOXO Paddle
Type: Paddles, Impact Toys, BDSM Toys
By: Sportsheets, Sex & Mischief

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness4 Devils

Material: Faux-Leather

Size & Design

Measuring from end to end at 12.5 inches, this is a fairly long paddle designed for smacks that will delightfully please any spanking enthusiast. The paddle is 2.2 inches wide, giving it enough surface area to be incredibly pleasurable. It comes with a wrist strap for added stability during play, and easy storage. It’s shaped like a rectangle with an XOXO design that can definitely leave marks against your bare skin. While this paddle isn’t durable enough for experienced ministers, any beginners will find it entirely satisfying. Just be sure to use caution when first playing with this toy, to avoid hurting yourself.

The Experience

After my first time with this paddle, I was in love. You truly can control just how hard it hurts with the flick of a wrist, and you can change the amount of pressure in your hits – anywhere from gentle swats to stinging hard smacks. The size of the paddle really comes into play when you’re feeling it smack against you, since anything hit by the area of the paddle can be instantly felt – even through clothing.

When you’re simply holding the paddle in your hand and delivering blows, each hit is evenly dispersed over the area you’ve hit and the blows can be, in general, lighter if you choose. The wrist strap is a great addition to the mix – it’s not very easy to get on and off my wrists (which are fairly small), but when using the paddle with your hand through the wrist strap, you can really feel the stability and power it gives you. The hits are more central and focused when you use the wrist strap, but even without you can still deliver focused blows.

Pros & Cons


  • Chic faux-leather design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use and control the strength of hits
  • Stinging bite sensation


  • Beginners will find this toy best


This is going into my personal favorites because of it’s adorable design and relative stability and strength compared to the low price. When I first saw this cute paddle, I had no idea how much I would like every aspect of it! It is simple and inexpensive, yet gets the job done as well as any other and is a great addition to any collection. Beginners would love this paddle because you can use lighter or harder blows, but use it with caution – some hits from this paddle are VERY hard and if you and your partner don’t know how to deal with an impact toy injury, hold off. It’s comfortable to hold and easy to swing due to the ultra lightweight and materials used, and it can deliver anything from a teasingly light swat to some of the hardest hits I’ve ever received.

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