Here at Sluttygirlproblems, we encourage care-free (safe) sex behavior: we want you to do you and whoever you want to do. I have been noticing a lot of speculation on gay and lesbian sex lately and have, in my life, been experiencing an upturn in slut-shaming. For that reason, I made this guide for you to send to people bullying you or acting inappropriately. Please see below.


Ah sex – not the most black and white subject, is it? There are lots of gray areas when it comes to sex. There can be issues with age, abuse (emotional or physical), or being unrealistic or unconcerned about risks of safety. These are times that you should care and speak to your friend using lots of “I feel” statements, ESPECIALLY if there is abuse involved. If this becomes necessary, let your friend know it is the fact that you are concerned about their safety or emotional status and not the fact that they are having sex. Generally it’s not the sex making the relationship unhealthy, it’s everything else. The point of this chart is to remind people that having sex is a person’s personal business – unless they are so deep into something that they cannot see it’s causing them harm, and your #1 intention is their well being.

Happy healthy sex-having to all!