Warning: Images are NSFW and contain some nudity of nipples and clits!

As many sluts do, I see my body as a playground. A playground for me and whoever I permit to view it. Therefore, like any playground mine would not be complete without decorations; graffiti if you will. Tattoos and piercing are often our preferred decor. I have an itty bitty tattoo that does not make me cool or qualify me as a sexy tattoo lady, but I do have some badass piercings!

In this article, I hope to share with you what I have experienced with these piercings – both during sexy time and just in plain old life – so that you can make an informed decision if you choose to get a piercing to increase your pleasure, and in all aspects of your piercing’s life.

Nipple Piercing:

Pain: 10/10 *
Tedious and long
Payoff: Most likely extra stimulation!


10/10 – *but as any with piercing, it only lasts for long enough for you to realize it really hurts!

I can’t tell you what it felt like the first time, because I broke the first rule of piercings and took hydrocodone before my appointment. I can tell you that I looked down at my nipple and experienced mental pain. There I was, sitting in the chair with a needle just chilling in my nipple, and though I wasn’t feeling physical pain, it hurt something deep in my brain to see such a important part of my womanhood pierced. My friend screamed out “your mother’s a whore!” during her second nipple piercing, so it can’t feel good.


Nipples are notoriously difficult healers, so expect “crusties” for a while. Like bellybutton piercings, your nipple ring can get aggravated by something pulling on it wrong or a product it doesn’t like (like lotion). It is also aggravated by hormonal menstrual cycles in women. This piercing needs to be cleaned daily for the first month with a simple soap or saline solution soak (ask your piercer what they prefer). Later on in the piercing’s life, you’ll need to clean it 2-3 times a week for at least six months.

Bra type suggestions: For the first couple of days I would recommend going with no bra and loose shirts if you can get away with it. If you have big ole titties like me, I’d suggest a full coverage soft bra. I have a Victoria secret yoga lounge bralette that I ADORE, but they don’t sell it anymore (this is close). Wear anything that covers well above your nipple. Cups that are diagonal/plunging can shift and pull on your piercing. You want those babies safe and sound deep within the confines of your over the shoulder boulder holder.

Material: Think soft, soft, soft! The inside of the bra should be lined with the same material throughout the whole cup. Except lace. If your bra/bralette is pure lace you could risk getting the ball of the piercing stuck through one of the holes in the lace design, and that sounds like a disaster! You’ll know when it’s time to go back to your sexy clothes, each piercing is different.

Sleeping with your Pierced Tit: Personally, I don’t remember this being a problem, but the internet says sleeping on your stomach will not be comfortable for a little while. Try to sleep on your side or your back.

Sex with your Piercing: You are set to go. You can hop on that as soon as you want, as long as your partner is aware of your new decoration. NO nipple pinching, licking, sucking, or biting yet! Honestly, you will be very aware of what you’re comfortable with in the beginning, stimulation wise, so just listen to your body. There is no official information of oral stimulation and the healing process, but I’d say stay away from it for a while – or if you can’t, at least clean it well after. Actually, clean it well after sex anyways. You know, sweat and cum and stuff.

Working out with it: Again, I don’t remember this being a problem, as long as I cleaned it as soon as I could after my workout. See bra type and material suggestions above for what you should wear.

Healing Pain:

Moderate. Be careful. Don’t let anything get wrapped around it. If something pulls on it, you won’t be a happy camper. My worst story about my piercing is that I somehow got my hair looped around my piercing. If something is caught, DO NOT use force. Inspect the problem and deal with it as gently as you can. Try to keep your jewelry in at all costs! If you have to unscrew a ball, try to keep the bar in it’s normal position. Remember that ball piercings screw on in opposite directions of each other!

Healing time: 3-6 months. My piercer told me “the bigger the boobs, the longer the wait” so keep that in mind. You probably will have to keep cleaning it long after it’s healed due to the problems listed in “healing” above.


Nipple piercings can increase your stimulation, especially if you already like nipple play. Yes, you heard right! But, it’s also been known to decrease stimulation. I’m on the lucky side of this, but I only have one nipple done! What does it feel like? I’d describe it as an extra tickle on top of regular nipple touchy feelies. All aboard!

Last word: I find myself playing with my piercing all the time; in class and in stores, I can’t keep my hands off of it. Good luck!

Clit (Vertical Clitoral Hood) 

Pain: 7/10 *
Payoff: HIGH


Either my piercer was bad (which I doubt) or I’m super sensitive. I’d read online that the piercing is similar to getting your ear pierced, but I had some qualms anyways. Knowing myself and my clit, I know that I’m a squirmer. So when she stuck a needle into me, I jumped, which may have added to the pain. I don’t know if it was the shock or the stimulation of the cold metal right by my clit, but it was easily my most painful piercing.

THIS IS NOT THE NORMAL EXPERIENCE!Many women comment that their ears hurt more. It does sting or pinch for a split second, and may momentarily startle you. But by then it is over.” – Quote from the Piercing Bible

*As I say with every description of piercing pain, the pain lasted in all 5-6 seconds, including her inserting the jewelry.


Cleaning: Like most piercings, use a wound spray (H2Ocean) or a simple saline soak. This one is definitely weird to clean because it’s in a sensitive spot, but sometimes the sensation of the warm water is fun too! You need to really clean it every day for a month, especially after sexual activities (even masturbation). One website suggests you only dry your piercing using disposable products due to harboring of bacteria on towels, but I’m not that picky, and it turned out just fine.

Healing Pain:Very little healing pain. This baby about heals itself! There is some pain if I squeeze my legs together wrong or bang it on something (it can happen!) but all in all, it’s been really painless.

Panties: Stick to cotton and not thongs or tight panties. Cotton is breathable and always good for post-piercing clothing. Stay away from thongs for a week or so because of the pressure they can put on your clit.

SEX: If you’re like me, you probably sent out a mass snapchat to the boy toys in your phone with this piercing and can’t wait to try it out. My piercer said I should wait TWO FULL WEEKS to have sex – but of course, I didn’t. Once you feel like you’re ready or that you can’t wait any longer, make sure you use a barrier method to protect your clit (male condoms or dental dam for oral) and that you clean it well after. Masturbation wise: don’t use a lube that your body isn’t used to. Just like with sex, clean the piercing immediately after.


For me, it’s been awesome!

Everyday life: I don’t want you to get your expectations up to high, I’m not walking around having orgasms every minute but I do feel like I’m having more fun than other people do doing the same activities.

Sex: The idea is that, especially during sex, the bottom ball of your piercing will come in contact with your clit, adding a stimulation that wasn’t there before.

Masturbation: It’s actually a little harder to stimulate my clit since I got this done. It’s not physically difficult – I just have to move around the jewelry. Lately, I’ve been flipping the bottom bar up (which gets the hood out of the way) and then I get direct and almost unbearable direct clit stimulation.

In the expert’s words:

The piercing goes through only a thin bit of tissue above the clitoris (NOT through it) but the jewelry itself touches the clitoris. This means that when there is any activity in the area, the clitoris will receive more direct stimulation. Most women like this a lot. In fact, I distributed a research study for the University of South Alabama regarding VCH piercings and female sexual satisfaction! The data (published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology) has shown that this piercing DOES result in increases in sexual DESIRE!”

But… there’s always the possibility something could go wrong. There is a myth that it desensitizes your clit, which after doing my research on the internet and at my well loved parlor, I’ve discovered that it is just that: a myth. The general opinion is that as your body gets used to the piercing, you don’t feel it as much in little activities as you used to. Basically, you just get used to it. But it in no way desensitizes your clit itself.