2015 has been an exciting year for Slutty Girl Problems.

When I first started the Twitter in July 2011, and the site in January 2014, I had no idea that SGP would create such an amazing community. But by the end of 2014, women from all over the world came to share their stories, and I knew we had something special. In just one year, our voices were heard as we made a stand against slut-shaming and reclaimed the word “slut” as something positive and empowering, rather than degrading and demeaning.

At the end of 2014, we were proud to have ranked #6 Top Sex Blog of 2014 by Kinkly – an accomplishment we never expected, let alone in our first year. We were also honored with 2014 Educational Post of the Year 2nd Runner Up for our Slutty Girl’s Ultimate Guide to BlowJobs – and 0ur writing was featured in Metro UK, one of the UK’s leading publications, over 20 times.


Now, at the end of 2015, we are proud to reach more women than ever before. And we had some amazing press to help our message spread worldwide.

In one year, we more than doubled our reach, touching over 1.35 Million people all over the world, with a total of 3.43 Million page views, in this year alone. We have 65,400+ members on site, 10,000+ weekly newsletter subscribers (you can sign up at the top of the site), and 315,000 followers, with growing support!

And it really seems like there was one big thing that sparked it all…

Coming Out to Cosmo

When Cosmopolitan magazine contacted me in April for an interview, I knew it was a big moment for Slutty Girl Problems. I also knew it was time for me to finally come out, and put my face and name to this project. Before then, Slutty Girl Problems had been completely anonymous, which helped me feel comfortable talking about my personal life, without any fear of shame or judgement. But after Cosmo, I knew that would all change.

To be honest, I was pretty afraid to put my name with SGP because it was so sexual. I was afraid of the social and career consequences that come from being a sexual person, publicly. But then I thought, it I keep hiding behind an anonymous persona, aren’t I giving in to shameful messages? Aren’t I letting the bullshit win? Aren’t I just hiding who I am, for fear of what other people think? Aren’t I confirming that sexuality is something to be ashamed about?

In that moment, I knew that going public was so important. It was a moment for me to come forward and show that sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of. You don’t have to hide. You don’t have to use a fake name. Owning the sexual person I am is big step to affirming that my sexuality is fine just the way it is – and so is everyone else’s. I think it’s something that I even needed to affirm to myself.

Sometimes it’s still kind of scary, and I still worry that working in sexuality might impact my future – but that kind of stigma and shame is exactly what I’m working to stop! No one should have to feel ashamed of their sexuality, myself included.

Since then, I’ve had some really incredible opportunities to bring Slutty Girl Problems’ message to new audiences. I’ve appeared on podcasts, done radio interviews, had blog interviews, contributed to lots of websites, and even sponsored Amber Rose’s Slut Walk LA. Here’s some of the highlights!

Podcasts & Radio

This past October, I was so excited to be a guest on Between the Sheets with Lora Somoza on TradioV. You can check out the episode “Vagapalooza – The Ladies of Sex Ed”, where we talked about sex education, slut shaming, and so much more. Host Lora Somoza, and fellow guests Elle Chase and Barbie Davenporte, are some seriously spectacular ladies!

[Slutty Girl Problems] is like the mothership landed. It’s a fantastic website because it’s really like “fuck shame”. This is where you can go to get some information, and not just information. It’s a site for brazen women, for empowering women, and I just love the whole feel of it. It’s phenomenal for women, for educating women, for women that love sex and [women who] want to pass on information for other women.

– Lora Somoza

It’s the biography of your life. “Someone gets me!”

– Elle Chase

We’re all like “Oh! I found home!”

– Barbie Davenporte

Around the same time, I was a guest on The Greater Dater podcast – Episode 5 “Lorrae Bradbury of Slutty Girl Problems”. We had an amazing conversation about consent, shame-based sex education, and even dating & long term relationships. The episode was even featured on The Good Men Project – “8 Thoughts for Guys About Slutty Girl Problems

I took a look at the site and I was very impressed. It is so comprehensive. This just seems like a completely thorough site for women in all different types of categories. [Your mission statement] is powerful. That’s some deep stuff right there. Your site’s awesome. I’m not a woman, but I found myself fascinated by some of the articles.

– Jon Polansky

A few weeks ago, I was a guest on Playboy Radio’s “Ask the Doc” show. We talked about the site, and my own sex life(!), which was fun and a little blush-inducing for me.

We’re talking with the Founder & CEO of Slutty Girl Problems aka female bad-ass, Lorrae Bradbury! She has an awesome website, Slutty Girl Problems. The website’s great. It’s very multi-faceted. I recommend anyone to go take a look at it – guys, or slutty girls, or not slutty girls. There’s really something for everyone.

– Chad Carew

I was also a guest on Maya Jane Jordan‘s Playboy Radio Show, “Head Games” and on Sex in Words Radio Show with Jon Pressick, both of which were very fun experiences!


This past October, Slutty Girl Problems covered Amber Rose’s Slut Walk LA, and we had a booth at the event. We had a social media contest, tons of prizes, and shared a lot of personal stories with people there. It was amazing to be surrounding by so many sex-positive people, all calling for the same message of change in the way we view sexuality, and particularly sexual assault.


Two big interviews also helped bring Slutty Girl Problems to new people this year! I was featured in Feminist Wednesday’s “Interview with Lorrae: Founder of Slutty Girl Problems” and named Sex Blogger of the Month by Kinkly, where I was also interviewed. Both are fun, candid reads if you’d like to learn some more about SGP.


I was super proud to rep Slutty Girl Problems in several posts on Elite Daily, Your Tango, and Maxim this year!

In Elite Daily, I was quoted in their articles: “Every Different Type of Orgasm a Woman Can Have”, “Experts Give Us Tips On Improving Your Man’s Oral Sex Game”, “6 Very Important Facts You Need To Understand About The Female Orgasm“, “Mirror Sex: Why We Absolutely Love Watching Ourselves F*ck”, “Love Sick: Your Body Can Literally Repel A Guy Who’s Wrong For You“, “Why Women are Just as Likely as Men to Think with Their Other Heads“, “16 Sex Positions and Tricks You Should Resolve to Try in the New Year” – all fabulous reads.

I was also quoted for Your Tango’s “Why I Told My 8-Year-Old About Sexual Pleasure (And You Should Too)


And I started writing Maxim’s “Sex Life” series, where I interview women and anonymously share their craziest, sexiest stories. If you want to share your story with me (and Maxim), you can fill out this Google Form to possibly be included.

The Future

Next year, I’m planning to launch a YouTube channel “SGPtv”, where I’ll talk about sex tips, sexual health, dating, relationships, feminism, and share a lot about my personal life. I’ll also have some games, guests, and other fun stuff! I was hoping to launch this past fall, but then I realized I am absolutely terrible at editing (and kinda camera shy… and a total perfectionist)… so I have a lot to learn, which is taking some time. But I’m hoping for a launch sometime in 2016. You can subscribe in advance at www.youtube.com/lorraeb.

I’m also going to be launching a personal site at www.lorraeb.com, which will have personal blogs and updates, posts about every YouTube video as they go up, and any other events or appearances that I’ll be at (like when I went to Slut Walk). I’ll also be offering coaching (one-on-one Skype sessions to help people with their sex & dating life) and speaking about sexual health and tips (like at universities and adult shops). In the further future, I’m planning to launch an online orgasm course (because who doesn’t love fab orgasms?).

Through all this, I hope to keep creating a community to help other women, assure them that our sexuality is totally normal, and to not feel ashamed one bit about it…. thanks for being along for the ride!

Stay Updated

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