It is no secret that Shiri Zinn is one of my favorite artistes. She is a goddess when it comes to design and quality – I’m not the only one who thinks so either, she’s won awards for her products! Shiri and I are internet friends and she gifted me these eggs in return for a review that is honest and factual.

These glass love eggs are also called yoni eggs or Kegel eggs and are used for the purpose of tightening and strengthening the muscles in your pelvic floor. This sensual workout is basically a makeover for your vagina – muscles, pleasure capability, awareness, and connection to your sexual power that is held in your hips.

How To Use Them

First you want to pick the size of egg that is right for you. The heavier the egg the harder the workout. The blue egg is the largest size and the hardest work out. I like how the blue one feels but I can easily use the medium size.

Second, get comfortable. I suppose you could lube the egg before inserting it, but on a spiritual and sensual level I would recommend masturbating and getting your body to open and lube up naturally for insertion. This should be some serious you time and I want you to feel sexy in your body. I prefer to lie back and open my legs while on my back for insertion, but if you’re looking for a more instant challenge you could squat low and insert the egg while you are in an upright squatting position.

Once the eggs are in, there are multiple ways to exercise with them. You can do a classic Kegel exercise or you can wear your eggs around the house for a workout you can take anywhere! You are strengthening your pelvic floor just by holding the egg in while going about your daily activities. When you’re done you can do a sweep of your vagina with two fingers and pull the egg out, or do what I do and “birth” the egg out of your vagina (just push it out).

Beautiful Works of Functional Art

These eggs are absolute works of art, just like every Shiri Zinn product I own. They are beautiful shades of green/yellow, blue and pink with black dotting for embellishment. The construction of the eggs is flawless and they are perfectly shaped – not too “girthy”, but still heavy enough to do the job. If you wanted to, these eggs would also be beautiful to display in your home.

There is not a thing I would change about these eggs. They are gorgeous and functional equally and without any compromise in the construction. No matter what I’m doing I always feel sexy when I have one of these love eggs in, no matter what I am doing. Since using them regularly I have noticed my endurance while masturbating is much longer and I don’t feel like I need to snapchat the whole thing, I’ve been using that time with myself FOR myself, which is lovely. I would not however recommend that you go to that bathroom with these eggs in, unless you’d like to be fishing them out of the toilet.

These eggs and any of Shiri’s products are serious TREAT YO SELF items. They are expensive yes, but the highest quality/bang for your buck of any product I’ve ever reviewed. If you’re looking to invest in your pelvic floor, or just in yourself, these eggs are available at:

Shiri Zinn’s site for 159 pounds ($194).

Do yourself a favor and buy them, now!

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