Sluts might get a bad rep in some circles, but the truth of the matter is that they make fantastic friends. If there’s something new and fun you want to try, a slut is always down to join you. And to top it off, all of our experiences means we have so much advice to give and stories to tell! Let’s raise a glass to our fellow sluts and celebrate what makes our friendships so amazing!

1. We’ll try anything once.

Maybe you want to hit up the gay bar for the first time, or maybe you just want to try a cuisine you’ve never experienced. People might roll their eyes and laugh, saying, “Sluts will try anything once.” But hey – that’s a good thing! If none of your friends are willing to try a new experience with you, call up the slut in your group. She’ll definitely be down to give something new a try, whether that’s going to a sex party or just trying out a new make-up tutorial you found on Pinterest.

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2. We won’t judge you.

If you’ve been called a “slut” in your life, then chances are you’ve probably been judged for your nontraditional behavior. It sucks being judged, and sluts know all about that. Because of this, they definitely won’t judge you back. If you’re thinking it, chances are they’ve tried it. And if they haven’t, they’ll love you all the more for your unique ideas and desires.

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3. We give great advice.

Experience is the best teacher, and if you haven’t had the experience, turn to someone who has. If you need advice on relationships, sex, jealousy, dance moves, or your Tinder bio, your slutty friend will be there to help. And looking back on that lack of judgment? Just because you haven’t had the experience doesn’t mean they’ll laugh at you for your ~virginity~ or sheltered lifestyle. Well, they might, but they’ll probably be giggling with you rather than at you.

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4. We love sharing stories.

Sluts love swapping hoe stories! Did you do something scandalous this weekend that you can’t tell anyone else about? We’re here to listen because we’re dying to hear about it just as much as you’re dying to get it off your chest!

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5. Nothing shocks us.

We won’t blush and turn away when you get changed for the pool in front of us on spring break, nor will we get annoyed when we have to hold your hair back after you rip too many shots with some frat boys. We love nudity, and trust us, sweetie… we’ve been there too.

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6. We take care of our friends.

A lot of sluts are also partiers, and because of this, we’ve had some drunk hot mess experiences. Whether we had a good friend to help us out during those times or not, we know that that is essential. We’ll never leave a drunk friend behind. And while we’re totally sex-positive, we also know that sex positivity means consent and consent means a reasonable level of sobriety. We’re not going to let our blackout drunk self go home with a stranger, no matter how hot they might be. However, we will encourage you to snag their number so you can text once you’re seeing straight. Speaking of…

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7. We’re the best wingwomen!

We have the guts to help you out when you spot a hottie across the bar! And hey, if you need us to distract someone’s cute friend for the night, we’re willing to do that, too.

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Is your BFF a slut, or are you the slutty one in your friend group? Maybe you’re lucky enough to be a sexy, slutty duo! Share this with your friend who’ll always be there for you to flirt with hotties, go topless, get tattoos, and just give no fucks!