A good male friend of mine recently directed me toward a website, that is almost the male counterpart to this site. They write articles on manly things, testosterone things, and some douchey things. I’m mostly entertained by the articles and lists I’ve read, or I get confused. I don’t have a penis, so not everything will make sense – I get that. I imagine that most men that read any of our submissions walk away with a glazed-over look of bewilderment – and I hope even a little embarrassment – because wow, some of y’all even make me blush!

The first article my friend sent was “24 Signs She’s a Slut“. I read the whole thing, laughing through most of the article. He made a good list, I won’t deny that. A few month’s later the same author posts “26 More Signs She’s a Slut” – and again, mostly a good laugh. I don’t really take offense to anything that he says, but I can see how some women were rubbed the wrong way. As I was reading each article, I recognized myself in several of his indicators, which may not be an easy pill to swallow for some ladies. In his defense, he does say that displaying one characteristic of this list does not make a girl a slut. It’s more a rule of numbers, and in his experience, the higher your number, the more likely you are to be slutty.

When I set about to write this column, I thought I wanted to make my own list of traits about men that would classify them as promiscuous. But no one cares. Men, by societal standards, are allowed to be easy without their actions being called into judgement. We think it’s sexy. In fact, most of us want a man with as much experience as us, if not more!

Then I realized that while I was laughing at his article, it also made me a little sad. Why can’t we all agree that it’s okay to be sexually open and adventurous?! Why does it take a combination of nearly 50 characteristics to let a guy know we’re interested in being satisfied in the bedroom? (Or couch, or floor, or kitchen counter, or against the wall?) Basically, these articles are saying, “Here are 50 ways that I’m going to seek your attention, and if you give it to me, I shall reward you with my vagina! Hooray!!”

However, the tone of the articles wasn’t one of celebration for anyone, other than that guy’s penis. We (women) are expected to hide our sexual prowess behind these silly cliches, and then as a result, we are devalued. I, for one, do not support a system in which my confidence and curiosity is discouraged. I have high hopes that my gaggle of gals, and all our successors and descendants, are able to maintain a sense of dignity and self-respect when the odds are against the fairer sex and her primal appetite.

Unfortunately, I see more and more women embracing a slut-shaming mentality and owning the negative stereotypes. In fact, I feel that some women would take those articles and turn them into a bucket list. I don’t recommend that. I don’t support giving anymore power to the cliches. You should not waver in your self worth or confidence if you possess any number – from one to fifty – of the slutty indicators!

You are not damaged. You are not used. You are not less worthy. You are not dirty (in a bad way).

Embrace your instinct and inquisitive nature. Promote a healthy and positive opinion of sexuality – whatever your indulgence.

P.S. For the sake of full disclosure, I hit about 20 of the 50. If I didn’t over think it. I guess that means I’m slutty… who knew!?