sohimi hands free thrusting male masturbator

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The Sohimi Hands-Free Thrusting Male Masturbator is a unique toy for penises, with some exciting features that I haven’t seen before on other masturbators. This masturbator was designed solely with your pleasure in mind, and includes a built-in voice with three styles of moans and a wall mount suction cup for a totally hands-free experience. Sohimi prides themselves on supporting sexual exploration and personal pleasure through their range of sex enhancement products, and this male masturbator is one of their best sellers!


The Total Hands-Free Experience


sohimi hands free thrusting male masturbator


The Sohimi Hands-Free Thrusting Male Masturbator is massive. At first glance, this male masturbator has a long, thick black tube that resembles some kind of mysterious electronic device. Even being wielded by someone with noticeably large hands, this toy is a powerhouse for pleasure. If the size feels intimidating, Sohimi already came with the solutions, so you can give your well-practiced right hand a rest.

As you can tell by the name, you don’t even need your hands! This is an automatic masturbator that does all the hard work for you. It comes with 5 different thrusting patterns and 6 intensity levels. The strong motor can go as fast as 12000 rpm, which sounds like a lot more than the average person could thrust manually. Just pick the pattern and speed that’s right for you, lay back and enjoy. You can easily adjust through the 5 different patterns and 6 intensity levels with the touch of a button!

Now you might be thinking, “but hold on this thing is still big. Even though it’s thrusting for me, I’ll still need to support it.” Well, Sohimi thought of that too! Not only does this automatic masturbator handle the erotic thrusting motions for you, but it also supports itself with a mounted suction base. The suction base is almost like a tripod. You screw the base into the bottom of the male masturbator so it has a really sturdy and secure feel. Then, the masturbator can be attached to a smooth, hard surface like a wall or tabletop. The base is adjustable and can be moved a full 150 degrees° so you can explore the sensations at just the right angle for you. Sohimi left no room for questions when they called this one “hands-free”!


Inside the Hands-Free Male Masturbator


sohimi hands free thrusting male masturbator


As with any pocket pussy style male toy, the automatic masturbator is meant to emulate the feeling of being inside a real-life vagina. Sohimi used a material called TPE to create the internal sleeve of this masturbator. TPE is a mixture of rubber and plastic called thermoplastic elastomers, which are easily recyclable and safe for bodily contact. The insertable length is 5.7 inches and Sohimi says it can stretch to accommodate any sized penis, although larger lengths might not be able to insert all the way, and larger girths may find the sleeve to be tight or that the thrusting motion of the toy is less able to glide along the body as the material stretches to accommodate. The material is quite stretchy and soft to the touch, and the internal sleeve has a lot of texture to enhance your simulated experience. There are multiple layers and varying types of feels to create different sensations, like a spiraled ribbing pattern and raised ridges.


How to Use the Automatic Masturbator 


sohimi hands free thrusting male masturbator


Once you open the Sohimi hands free male masturbator, you can use your hands to handle it or set it up with the mount, then start exploring all its features. All of the controls are at the base of the toy. Hold down the power button for about 3 seconds to turn it on. The automatic masturbator is a bit loud, that strong motor gives it a more mechanical noise, so you’ll want to make sure you’re alone before getting intimate. Then the button that looks like 2 lines controls the modes, you can cycle through the 5 different thrusting patterns (ranging from fluid one-after-another thrusts to more staccato motions) till you find the right stroking motion for you. The plus (+) and minus (-) buttons are how you control how fast or slow the male masturbator is thrusting. You have 3 settings that are on the slower side and 3 on the faster more intense side, to give you a variety of sensations.

You’ll notice there is another button that has a little speaker symbol on it. This controls another unique feature of the Sohimi Masturbator, that I haven’t seen before. You can listen to the sounds of a feminine voice moaning as you enjoy the toy. There are 3 different sound options to pick from. If you’re into it, this will add an extra layer to your experience. There’s also a headphone jack and Sohimi even supplies the headphones so you can listen to the erotic moans without the noise of the toy interfering. 

Sohimi made this male masturbator USB rechargeable, so no need to keep a battery stockpile. On one charge this toy can go for up to 3 hours of luscious play. Before you get settled in for your session remember to use lots of lube. No matter how soft a toy is, lube is essential to enhancing your experience. Make sure it’s a water-based lube so the inner sleeve stays in top condition. Sohimi even includes a small mini bottle of lube to get you started!


sohimi hands free thrusting male masturbator

The Hands-Free Thrusting Male Masturbator is easy to clean. You simply remove the inner sleeve and wash it separately with some gentle soap and water. The elasticity of the sleeve makes it super easy to take out of the toy and turn it inside out for a thorough cleaning. With all the added texture there are a lot of spaces that you want to make sure you go over. The outer shell is not 100% waterproof so you want to be careful not to get that soaked.



The Hands-Free Thrusting Male Masturbator by Sohimi comes with some really stimulating features to heighten the pleasure of this unique toy. There is a nice variety of speeds and patterns to explore different sensations at the simple touch of a button, and the adjustable suction base makes this toy totally hands free. The automatic thrusting means you get to lie back and completely relax. The added sound effect moans are an exciting feature that could really help set the mood for you, especially if you want to get lost in fantasy. If you’re into the sensations of thrusting at the touch of a button, you’ll want to check this toy out. You can order this male masturbator directly from Sohimi’s website or find them on Amazon. 


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