“Female ejaculation: fact or fiction? Female ejaculation exists. Science has proven it. That doesn’t mean that it’s easy to do. It can take some practice, some effort and a lot of patience”.

At first, orgasms experienced by people with vulvas were a mystery, then came the mystery of the g-spot…. And now, a new experience has emerged: squirting or female ejaculation. And there’s so many questions… Is squirting real? Can you squirt without an orgasm? Squirting is a topic that is constantly debated amongst scientists and sexperts. No one can definitely say that every woman will be able to squirt or even understand exactly what squirting is. What is clear is that squirting can be amazing! And for other folks, it can be a release totally separate from orgasm. Before we delve into the sensation of the squirting orgasm, it is important to look at what it actually is.

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What is Squirting?

Let’s start with the definition of squirting. In its most basic form, squirting is a form of ejaculation, just with a vulva instead of a penis. It is the moment where a person squirts liquid from down there. It has a number of names; female ejaculation, shejaculation, squirting, gushing, squirtgasm.

But let’s elaborate! The “female ejaculation” is a release of a fluid that is produced by the Paraurethral/Skenes glands. In order for the fluid to build up, the person needs to be highly sexually stimulated aka aroused. As they are being stimulated, the fluid begins to build up. However most people who experience it. say that only certain positions or movements will allow that pressure to be released. Many people with vulvas say that stimulation of the g-spot in a “come hither” finger motion works extremely well to reach squirting.

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Some people can squirt during sex, but again only in certain positions, usually when the g-spot is being rubbed. A recent study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests that squirting involves more than just the g-spot stimulation but a more complex stimulation of the clitoris, urethra, and the front wall of the vagina. During this arousal the tissue surrounding the urethra becomes enlarged and the Paraurethral/Skenes glands produce and fill with fluid.



What is Squirting Fluid?

A common misconception is that squirting fluid is pee. It is not! There have been many studies done, all with mixed results, but the chemical breakdown cannot be argued with.  This ejaculation fluid is coming out of urethral opening but it is not urine. Tests indicate that liquid contains urea and creatinine (in small amounts) and PAP (prostatic acid phosphatase) which is also a major component of semen. It also has much higher levels of glucose than pee. The fluid is similar to the prostate fluid within male ejaculate. The amount of fluid produced when women squirt varies considerably, from a few drops to considerably more, so some people need a towel and others would still soak the sheets!

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Is Squirting Real?

Since it was first reported in the early 1980s, controversy has surrounded squirting. The debate on whether or not squirting is real still goes on today. One gynaecologist stated that it was a myth; another said that only 3% of people with vulvas could do it, and yet another said that she did not know it was possible at all. According to sexual health expert Ian Kerner, squirting “is actually caused by a deliberate manipulation by the [person] of [their] own body, specifically an intense bearing down on the pelvis. Basically, a forceful clench and release of the bladder.” It is not surprising that women squirting has been questioned, especially as some porn stars have admitted that it is usually fake, while some have also admitted that it really has actually happened, just not as often as it seems.

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Can all Women Squirt?

All people with vulvas have skene glands so can all potentially squirt? Usually what makes it difficult is the inability to find the g-spot, stopping that build up and then release, and the mindset of the woman involved. With the stigma around whether or not squirting is real, pee or not, the person can actually block the sensation or shy away from it. This is called retrograde ejaculation; where the sensation is felt and the person literally tightens their muscles, stopping the orgasm. Dehydration is also an issue. If they are not well hydrated then the buildup of fluid will be less, either not creating that intense sensation or only being able to squirt in small amounts.

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What Does Squirting Feel Like?

To start, not all people with vulvas cum and squirt at the same time. It’s possible to squirt without orgasming. But it’s also possible to squirt with an orgams. When women do cum and squirt at the same time, it is the most intense feeling of pleasure and release! During the build-up they get increasingly aroused, horny and sensitive. This builds the desire to cum and makes orgasms more intense. The feeling right before squirting, is an intense build-up of pressure that feels like edging to orgasm. Some describe this as needing to pee. This is because there is a build-up of fluid which feels like a fullness or pressure. However once they have felt this sensation, the feeling shifts from needing to pee to needing to squirt, as the distinction can be made. During this sensation the orgasms are incredibly intense as the area is incredibly sensitive!



During squirting, the sensation is more intense than an orgasm! Some report the feeling as an incredible build-up of pressure and then squirting is an entire body orgasm, while at the same time feeling this incredible sense of release, as the squirting releases that pressure of the skene gland. Once the pressure is released, the orgasm continues and the feeling is one of pure satisfaction and sublime intensity. It is entirely a physical orgasm, where the body has increased sensitivity and then increase satisfaction, almost an unbearably good sensation when it occurs more than once!

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Is Squirting Easier After You Do it Once?

Squirting, like orgasms, can occur multiple times in one session. But it does depend on a few factors. Firstly the vaginal muscles have to be very strong. As once fatigue sets in, they. may not be able to cum so intensely, stopping squirting purely from tired vaginal muscles. Kegel exercises, yoga, horse riding and frequent squirting will assist to strengthen these muscles. Also as mentioned earlier, hydration. Squirting involves releasing large amounts of fluid, which dehydrates the women at a very fast rate. So even if the female is hydrated beforehand, during the session she may lose hydration and not squirt any more. Water with added ions or coconut water helps.

It may not happen every time… but it is worth practicing… practice makes perfect! So time for some much needed stimulation, foreplay and full body orgasms! Just don’t forget to place down an extra blanket… just in case.