Let’s face it, confidence is one of the most important aspects of webcammingWithout confidence, it would be hard to get in front of the camera, show yourself to any person that has an internet connection, invest hours in front of a webcam, interact with new people …and so on.  In this column, you’re going to learn some things that should make you more confident and some common pitfalls that webcam models make when camming which affects their confidence negatively.  Then, we’ll show you some tools you can use to continue to build your confidence. 

Webcamming Confidence Boosters

You should feel good when you get a visitor in your room because this means they thought something was attractive about you.  Just knowing that someone thought you were interesting enough to click on and interact with, can be a huge self-esteem boost. Compliments also make us feel good.  Whenever someone gives you a compliment this should build your confidence. Similarly, every time you get tokens during your shows that should build your confidence too.  When someone purchases your videos, images, Snapchat subscription, or whatever else you’re selling, this means they are spending money because they want to see you.  Certainly, you should feel good about people spending their hard earned money on you.

People, in general, want to be liked.  It’s a fact of nature.  When people “like” us it should build confidence.  Each new follower and fan you get from your camming shows should build your confidence.  They are following you because they like to watch you, think you’re attractive, find you interesting, and could possibly turn into a paying client sometime down the road. Celebrate your accomplishments.  Whenever you get a new fan, Twitter follower, weekly milestone token goal, etc.  you should celebrate the accomplishment.  Buy yourself something that you can use in your webcam shows …or something that you just want.

Webcamming Confidence Killers

Just like there are common occurrences while camming that can give you a confidence boost, there are also many pitfalls that it’s much too easy to fall into.  Watch out for these self-esteem traps.

Comparing yourself to others is the easiest mistake to make. A lot of camgirls fall into the trap of checking out other models shows and comparing themselves to them. There is always going to be someone prettier, smarter, thinner, better looking, et cetera. You shouldn’t compare yourself to others because it’s not going to help your confidence. Accept yourself for who you are and learn to love yourself.  Your followers keep coming back because they like you as is.

Don’t feed into negative comments about you. Every camgirl has dealt with a troll, “Negative Nancy”, disrespectful person online. Typically, these people will come into your room with the intention to put you down. Don’t interact with them. Just block them and move on. Don’t feed into negativity in the real world either.  People love to roll their eyes when they hear you’re a camgirl, or make derogatory comments. You may feel you need to defend yourself. Instead, accept their opinion and don’t let it affect your confidence.

Try not to get too down on yourself if one day you’re not making a lot of money. Money is one of the most stressful things a webcam model deals with. When you’re not having a good night and not making lots of tokens it’s easy to get down on yourself. A lot of webcam models will over analyze “slow nights”. Realistically, there is no rhyme or reason to it at times. Instead, focus on past positive shows.  If it’s really got you down in the dumps, it’s totally okay to take a break! Moods are infectious and when you’re feeling under the weather, people react to what they see. Instead, update your followers and be honest with them; tell them you’re feeling down today and won’t be online.

5 Ways to Build Your Confidence as a Camgirl

1. Plan ahead. A lot of people think camming is easy. Actually, there is a lot of planning involved in camming. You should plan out your shows daily, weekly, and monthly. Adjust accordingly, some of your plans won’t work as you planned. Consistently cam at the same times each week. Post your schedule so that others know when you’re online.

2. Choose your outfit carefully. You should have 5 to 7 outfits you love for webcamming. Don’t make the mistake of just wearing your pajamas, something not revealing, or something that doesn’t match your personality. When you look good you feel good! Also, don’t be afraid to add new outfits you want to your wishlist.

3. Makeup and hair. Get your haircut before you go online. Did you know that haircuts are one of the biggest confident boosters? Also, do your makeup before logging on and doing your live shows – a camera can really wash you out. Don’t forget to do your nails, too!

4. Stay hydrated. Always keep a water bottle around when you’re camming. You will be talking a lot. Plus, if you’re doing squirt shows, your body loses a lot of water during the process. Therefore, you want to replenish your fluids. Water is just good for you, too.

5. Workout. Working out is the number one thing you can do to combat depression. Just getting up and moving gives us energy, takes our mind off our problems, et cetera. A lot of webcam models will actually do their shows after showering and getting back from the gym. It’s a great way to elevate your mood!

A lot of webcam models have stated that camming has built their everyday confidence tremendously. Camming forces us to look at yourself, as you’re constantly seeing yourself on screen. Furthermore, knowing you are brightening someones day and making them feel good is awesome.