Please make sure your piece meets all of the following criteria:

  • 100% Original. Content cannot be published anywhere else, and will not be published anywhere else later. Properly cite any borrowed content or pictures.
  • Fresh And Unique. We already have plenty of content around safe sex, sex positions, and sex and dating tips. While we will still accept articles around these topics, giving your piece a fresh angle or take will greatly increase the chance of your piece getting accepted.
  • Authentic. Draw from your own personal experience to make compelling points about large societal issues and structures.
  • Approachable, well-written, engaging feel and tone. We’re looking for articles with a fresh perspective that go beyond the status quo. Do not submit journal-style posts, basic listicles, or 101 concepts that are repeated all over the web already.
  • Catchy angle and title. An intriguing title and concept is a must for capturing our attention, and the attention of our readers. Here are some of our favorite pieces we’ve published in the past that had engaging concepts and titles.
  • Avoid cliches and keep away from cheesy lines like “make it hot” or “spice things up”. Convey your thoughts in ways that are engaging, concise, easy to understand, and don’t rely on tongue-in-cheek phrasing (unless it’s part of the humor of the post).
  • Support people in making the right decision for them. Our goal is not to make decisions for people, but to help them make the best choice for their own unique circumstances. We want to provide the best information we can, and encourage people to consider the nuances with us.
  • Well-written and concise (usually between 700-1500 words), and edited with a grammar checker. We recommend Grammarly or free resources like Paper Rater or Grammarly. We will do a final edit, but please submit your best work that has already been checked for spelling and grammar.
  • No pornography. Including graphic pictures and erotica.
  • No links or promotions. We will remove any links that point to sites other than Slutty Girl Problems with the exception of academic articles or other major publications used for citation purposes. If you’re looking for a link placement for SEO, please reached out to [email protected]
  • No poetry, academic placements, or promotional pieces. We also don’t accept link placements, posts that aren’t grammatically correct, upcoming events, or reviews.


How do I submit?

  • Double-check. Make sure your post follows all of the above guidelines.
  • Agree. By submitting, you agree that your content becomes the property of Slutty Girl Problems LLC, and we have the right to use it. By submitting this content via email, you agree that you have read and agree to our Terms and Conditions and Submission Agreement.
  • Send. Send a full draft of the pitch to [email protected] – we’re not able to accept outlines or concept pitches at this time

You will be contacted if your post is accepted for submission, and edits and suggestions may be sent back to you. Your work may be edited, condensed, and adapted for use on social media as a caption, such as on Instagram. Please include an IG @username so we can attribute the caption to you. If your post is accepted, you will get a bio on our site to accompany your post, with a short bio, photo, and optional link.

If your post is accepted, it will be shared on our website and often to our community of 500,000+ followers on social media. Your work will help support, empower, and educate people of all genders, ethnicities, and identities all over the world as they explore and create their own authentic sexuality. Please note that while we have an engaged following and passionate community – our behind-the-scenes team is very small and passion-led. We are not a high-revenue company with investors or big business funding. Because of these limitations, we are unfortunately not able to pay guest contributors for publication. If you’re interested in a staff writing position, please feel free to send along a resume and several writing samples. We completely understand that this isn’t the right fit for everyone. If it works for you, we’re so excited to share your story and writing with our community!

If you do not hear back, your submission was not accepted for publication. Unfortunately, we cannot respond to all inquiries due to the volume received. Please do not follow up if you do not receive a response. We cannot give edits or critiques to pieces that are not accepted for submission, or a reason that the piece was not accepted, due to the volume received and our very small team.

If we decide to accept your post, we will always look over your work before it is published. We may edit it for grammar, flow, or content. We will let you know of any major changes and may request that you edit it again or add more content. Always let us know if you have any questions!


As of 1/1/14 – Please Note: By submitting any content to the site, you agree that we can use your content anywhere in accordance with our Submission Agreement