External nipple enhancers can be great, leaving the nipple in an overtly erect position with mind-blowing sensitivity. But often times, they can be a hassle – having to deal with equipment, dying batteries, or a large size. This isn’t the case with Supple Nips, small, flexible and simple designed nipple toys that comfortably fit onto the aureolas. These reusable, inconspicuous cups are BPA-free and can be worn by anyone!

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Supple Nips very much follow a flexible suction cup design. They have a thin, flared base that leads up to a rounded top, with an opening in the center for nipples. Clear and discreet, they can be worn in public under bras (preferably slightly loose fitting ones to avoid flattening the nip) or on braless breasts without attracting too much attention.

One of the awesome things about this product is its attention to the fact that nipples come in a variety of sizes. Supple Nips isn’t just offered in one size, but rather four for people to find one that best fits the measurements of their nipples. It’s a smart idea to determine the diameter and length of your nipples and then consult their official website where you can find a sizing chart to compare with.

How To Use Them

The first thing you’ll want to do before using Supple Nips is grab a good lube! Since they’re made of silicone, high-quality food grade silicone to be exact, a water- based lube is the best option, as it won’t degrade the material. I applied lubricant directly onto my nipples as well as inside each nip- and this made for a very comfortable experience.

After aligning the nip with the opening over my nipple, and slightly pinching the tip, I placed its base onto my areola. This created a sort of vacuum that, with a few more squeezes of the nips’ tips, worked wonderfully in drawing my nipples into a protruded state of heightened sensitivity. Essentially, you or your partner can squeeze until you’ve reached your desired amount of erectness.

It’s recommended that you wear the nips for no more than 15 minutes the first day. Beyond that, you can wear them for any length of time, as long as they aren’t causing discomfort or pain.

Cleaning & Care

The cleaning and care instructions for Supple Nips are very simple. Before their first use, each nip needs to be placed in boiling water for about ten minutes to sanitize. Afterwards, just rinse them off with mild, antibacterial soap and warm water, allow them to dry completely, and wha-la, you’re ready to store.

I’ve actually been storing mine in their original boxes, but a small satin bag would work just as well to prevent exposure to lint and other things.

My Experience

While I was hopeful that Supple Nips would actually work, I was also a little apprehensive. But now I see that with nipple toys the most straightforward ones can be the best.

Even after removing the Supple Nips, which required a gentle tug, my nipples stayed protruded for as long as I was aroused. With each use, they weren’t just more sensitive to physical touch, but also, movement and air, making my nipples a powerhouse of titillation.

I absolutely love these little joys! Made of non-irritating food-grade silicone, they are safe and easy to use, comfortably drawing the nipples out into a lasting state of erectness and increased sensitivity. Supple Nips is definitely something I’d recommend to make foreplay that much better!

Get yours at www.supplenips.com

and visit their Twitter at https://twitter.com/supplenips!


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