In the forests in northern Florida lies, tucked away, the highlight of our spooky season… an event artistically alive, interactively immersive, and mind/body/soul connected as you stretch your senses for its multimedia community experience. Suwannee Hulaween‘s 3-day music festival is a playful and provocative twist on spooky season immersion and self-expression. Unlike the long-tired crowded bar crawls, Spotify playlists, and uninventive costumes – Hulaween promises a truly memorable weekend escape of top-tier music, playful community, and fully immersive art and performances, where you are encouraged to show up in your fullest expression and be part of the entertainment, too.

Festivals invite an atmosphere for identity exploration, playfulness, and sensual celebration. There are few other opportunities to meet kind-hearted people who share a love of art and music, and find a safe space to fully let go of the world and come home to self. It’s a little vacation from reality, to a faerie fantasyland – or in this case, a Halloween dream. Hulaween 2022 will transform your relationship with Halloween forever, never again returning to the dreaded bar crawl… and forever finding yourself in their deliciously dreamy wonderland.


Top Tier Performances & Production

Hulaween 2022 has an incredible line up across multiple genres, with two stages and a musical diversity that offers something for everyone. The headliners include jam bands like Disco Biscuits, String Cheese, and Lettuce as well as house music (Gorgon City, Fisher, Desert Hearts), dubstep (Close, Liquid Stranger, Toki Monster), and artists who fuse electronic and instrumental elements, including Big Gigantic and NGHTMRE coming together for a combination performance.

LP Giobbi is also taking over a stage for Femme House – highlighting women and femme identifying artists in the scene! Big names like Portugal.The Man and Rainbow Kitten Surprise are also really exciting highlights to the line up, plus local and independent arts you’ll stumble into, and find you love. The lineup is both super well curated and extensive – with a production quality across stages that will blow you away with lights, lasers, fireworks, and large scale art. Your Halloweekend will be a non-stop disco… which also happens to be the festival theme this year: The Suwannee Horror Disco Show!


Full Art Immersion Halloween 

Hulaween 2022 Halloween 2022

Forget haunted hay rides. Suwannee Hulaween is an immersive paradise for anyone who loves Halloween aesthetics, attractions, spooks, and self-expression. Hulaween goes well beyond the music to offer a spectacle of immersive art, exhibiting sculptors, fire performers and metal workers, painters, acrobatics and theatrical performances, and lightshow artists – all with a Halloween theme that you can’t get quite like this, anywhere else. The Suwannee festival grounds provide a stunningly unique canvas for light shows, lakefront projection mapping, both large and small scale art installations, and interactive experiences for all of your senses. All of the works come together to add an element of magic and splendor to this festival, not to mention a healthy dose of elegant Halloween flair. Plus, so much of the fun of both Halloween and festivals is self-expression, and at Hulaween, you can combine your style with playful expression with your own costume ideas. 


Reset and Reconnect in Nature 

Hulaween 2022 Halloween 2022

Late October at the Spirit of Suwannee Music park is downright magical. You can spend up to 4 days camping out on their lush, forested campgrounds, surrounded by like minded people who are also prepared to party. Being out in the fresh air with nothing in between you and meeting others with similar passions and interests, plus creative flair, is such a refreshing and rare experience – and one that is truly embodied on these magical grounds that bring back the energy, year after year. The park transforms into a festival grounds that set the stage for playful adventure, where you’ll make unforgettable memories with those you come with, and those you meet along the way. 


Make Lifelong Festival Friends

Hulaween 2022 Halloween 2022

Festivals curate a unique vibe that makes it the perfect place to develop deeper connection. It can be hard to make new friends as an adult beyond your existing social circle… bars, concerts, and day-to-day life never seem to provide the opportunity to go beyond casual hello’s and surface-level small talk. Yet at festivals, those day-to-day constructs are stripped away, and you are diving deep sharing stories, laughter, and vibes all while experiencing the music and art magic. It also gives the opportunity to have an extended period of time to connect as you hop from stage to stage, and reconvene at camp later on.

Hulaween has so much music, art, and immersive installations to experience – that it naturally provides nearly endless opportunities to make new friends and bond deeper with the ones you bring. With all of the interactive spaces, the festival becomes a co-creative gathering, rather than an isolated party. Connecting over drinks lasts an evening – but connecting over 4 days of art, camping, and mind-bending music? Those bonds are for life, baby. 


Join us for 4 days of Halloween immersion at
Suwannee Hulaween – this October 27th to the 30th, 2022. 

General admission and camping passes are still on sale now here!