One of the biggest advantages of vibrating eggs is their versatility. While many other toys are often designed for one scenario (at home, with a partner, on the go, or in public) or one kind of stimulation (clitoral, vaginal, or g-spot), vibrating eggs can be a jack-or-jill-of-all-trades. A high-quality egg can be inserted for vaginal pleasure in your bedroom solo, controlled by a partner via a remote during foreplay or oral, or inserted as a panty vibe as you about your daily routine at home, or in public if you’re feeling adventurous. You can even use them externally, internally, or all over your skin for full-body sensation!

The downside to vibrating eggs? They often lack the deep power that I like in my toys, which is why I was very curious to try out the new SVAKOM Elva, a claiming to be “The Most Powerful Wireless Remote Control Bullet Vibrating Egg”. While the vibrations won’t be as strong as a wand massager or more high-powered-by-designed toys, I found it to be quite powerful for its small size, making it a good blend of strength and discrete portability.


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For starters, Svakom really nailed the packaging on the Elva. The box has a clean and luxurious design, and I found myself excited to open it up and start playing. For me, receiving a nicely packaged toy gives a great first impression, and makes a high-quality product feel even more special (especially when giving it as a gift!)

The Elva itself is designed to be an insertable egg-shaped toy, although it can also be used externally. The toy measures about 3.5”  inches long and 1.3” around, making it a relatively small and portable toy that’s easy to insert and can give internal stimulation, without the girth or “full” feeling of a larger toy. It’s not quite shaped like an actual egg, and I’d say it’s somewhere in between the oval shape of a real egg and a more cylindrical bullet vibe. The Elvan is made of a silky smooth, body-safe silicone, and feels delightfully smooth on your skin. While it is splashproof, it’s totally submissible. (You can clean it in the sink without worry, but this isn’t a bath-friendly toy.)


svakom vibratin egg review power vibrations


One unexpected feature I particularly appreciated is the removal string. This might not be a totally necessary design decision as the toy isn’t meant to be used anally (you should NEVER use anything without a flared base in your butt!). But even though the vagina can’t swallow toys like your rectum can, I have had a particularly harrowing experience with ben wa balls so it’s a design choice I appreciate. The string also gives better control over the toy, making it easier to quickly reposition it when it’s inserted rather than having to do so with your fingers.

There are buttons on the toy you can use for direct control, but one of the biggest selling points of the Elva is its remote that gives you wireless control. Not only does the remote make the Elva easier to control since you never have to touch buttons while the toy is inside you, the remote opens this toy up to a ton of other naughty uses, like giving your partner the remote to control from across the room (or even in public!).



Power & Control

The Elva comes with 5-speed functions and 5 pattern modes, plus an additional “Intelligent Mode” for a total of 26 different options. Overall, the power was great for a vibrating egg, but if you’re accustomed to the strength of a larger toy like a massager, it might not be enough to do the trick.

Speeds 1 and 2 are, as you’d expect, on the lower end of rumbly vibrations, although not very intense. Speed 3 is the sweet spot for me. It’s a bit more rumbly and feels like a deeper sensation, without becoming too buzzy. As you get to speed 4 and 5, the vibrations become faster and buzzier. You may prefer some speeds for a short time before switching back to another speed, or you may enjoy a different speed internally versus externally!


svakom vibrating egg review bullet


If you’re using it solo, you might be interested in the Elva’s “Intelligent Mode”. This mode will adjust the patterns on its own during your play, with the goal of imitating the stimulating ebbs and flows sex from foreplay to orgasm. It liberates you from having to control the settings at all when you’re trying to focus on your pleasure. It’s definitely a great mode for those of us that like the occasional surprise, although if you prefer steady and predictable rhythms, you might not find much use for this feature.


The Experience

I loved exploring all the different ways to use this toy – both solo and with my partner. Whether I played with the toy internally, externally, or simply trailed it along all the curves of my skin, the silky smooth silicone felt absolutely divine. I especially loved having my partner use the remote from across the room, teasing and tantalizing me without having to touch me at all, controlling me and my pleasure with just their fingertips. If you’re into BDSM play, this can be particularly fun as your senses become heightened. I love having no idea when or how my partner will tease me with this toy.




The Elva is a delightful little toy with all my favorite high-quality marks. It has silky smooth silicone that feels fabulous on my skin, and is waterproof so it is easy to clean and can even be brought into the shower, bath, or pool for play. I also love that it’s rechargeable so it’s always ready at a moment’s notice, is so discreet that it’s easy to travel with, and best of all, the remote for across the room or in public play. I really enjoyed this Svakom toy, and I think you will too!


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