Swiss Navy offers a premium silicone lubricant that you need to have in your bedside drawer. My boyfriend and I flew through those sample packs like it was nobody’s business. This lube was long-lasting, velvety, slick, and perfect in every way. It even helps to restore moisture in your most sensitive issues, and is recommended after menopause to help ease dryness. If you’re looking for a fabulous, high-quality silicone lubricant, Swiss Navy is it!

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Name: Swiss Navy Silicone Lubricant
By: Swiss Navy

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 4 Stars
Naughtiness: 2 Devils

Features: Silicone, Hypoallergenic, Not Sticky, Long Lasting
Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)

Long Lasting, Silky Silicone

Silicone has also been used for years personal care products, including lubricants, hair oil, and moisturizing serums. As a lubricant, silicone is long-lasting, silky smooth, and leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized. Swiss Navy’s silicone lubricant is a phenomenal long lasting lube – whether you’re using it for foreplay, intercourse, anal sex, or play with (non-silicone) toys. With this lube, you don’t have to worry about reaching for more. Swiss Navy digs deeper into the benefits of silicone lubricants, explaining that their silicone lubricant is perfect to enhance sensual responsiveness and moisturize dry, sensitive tissues – particularly for postmenopausal women.

Aside from the sample packets I tried, it comes in an easy-to-use pump bottle for a quick, one handed squirt. Then, you’re on your merry way! Just be careful if you spill it. Since silicone lube is so velvety and slick, it can be difficult to clean. My sample pack spilled on my nightstand, and dripped down the front on the drawer. It’s difficult to clean completely, so my hand still slips off the bottom of the drawer when I try to open it. Silicone can also stain sheets and clothing, so you won’t want it to spread all over your bed or lingerie.


Regardless of a messy spill, I don’t have any regrets with Swiss Navy’s silicone lubricant! I really enjoyed it, and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a slick, glidy silicone lube! A great silicone lube is a must-have for your bedside drawer, and Swiss Navy does a fantastic, long-lasting job.

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