It seems as though tribal prints and tribal inspired pieces are the new craze in fashion this year. There are tribal print pajama pants, bras, underwear, and shoes everywhere. Why shouldn’t there be a tribal inspired condoms, too? ONE is a company known for their circular packaged condoms with adorable designs, ranging from hearts and flowers to four leaf clovers. ONE periodically has a design your own condom sweepstakes to spice it up, and has put their own spin on the tribal print craze with their Tantric Pleasures trio of condoms. These condoms are unlike any you have ever used before. They feature unique tribal designs and strategically placed ribbing for extra pleasure. Note: These condoms have been updated and are now called One Tattoo Touch condoms! They still provide the same pleasure, but with a cooler name and more creative packaging.

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one tattoo touch condoms


Names: Tantric Pleasures Titan, Maori, and Tribal – now Tattoo Touch
Type: Condom

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Starts: 4 Stars
Look: 5 Style Points


The Feel

These condoms feel great. I was able to feel so much sensation, even though they were lightly ribbed. The designs are really cool, but I found it hard to distinguish which design was which. They all really felt the same, which wasn’t a problem of course, because I enjoyed how they felt. These condoms felt pretty natural, and I could hardly notice it was there. They were lubricated, and the lubricant gave me extra sensitivity. I wasn’t expecting such a powerful lube from such a little condom. The subtle texture of the designs and the silky smooth lube really put me over the edge. But, if you’re looking for a ton of texture, you’ll have to look elsewhere.


“The Cool Factor”

These condoms are really cool. It is no secret that they are clearly marketing to a younger crowd who would want to wear a sexy looking condom. Personally, I think these are genius. Why do condoms have to be clear and boring? Why can’t they be fun? If condoms are fun and look sexy, people may be more apt to use them. These unique condoms are unlike any condom I have ever seen or tried so it is very hard to compare them to another brand or style. As for the ONE brand in general, they have condoms for everyone. Some even have a pleasant taste such as the “tropical” condom.

one tattoo touch condoms

The Fit

The condom is a great fit overall. There is a little wiggle and breathing room at both the base and the tip for his pleasure, yet it isn’t going to move or fall off once it is on. The condom fits like a glove, is easy to roll on, and painless to roll off. It would probably be a good match for most people. My partner is a bit bigger and wider, so these condoms were really his style. There is also very minimal odor, and the condom does not smell like many latex condoms do.

one tattoo touch condoms


All and all, ONE’s Tantric Trio condoms worked well. It does its job and protects you from unwanted pregnancy and STDs. Though it did leave me want deeper ribs and more texture, I liked the trio and found the subtle design to be very pleasurable. They are a great “special occasion” condom when you want to try something new. I would definitely buy these again!

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