Lovehoney’s Tease Me Silver Handcuffs are a solid set of simple and sleek handcuffs, the ultimate and essential bondage toy. If you’re a beginner just starting to explore your BDSM and bondage fantasies, these classic, inexpensive handcuffs are an essential for your naughty drawer. They are easy to use with a quick release valve, just in case something goes wrong or you’re ready to stop playing. If you’re an experienced kinkster in need of a new pair, these well-constructed cuffs will stand up to your tough play. No matter your kink, a pair of handcuffs can always come in handy! My review below…

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Name: Tease Me Silver Handcuffs
Type: Handcuffs, Restraints, BDSM Toys
By: Lovehoney

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 3 Stars
Quality: 3 Stars
Intensity: 3 Devils

Material: Metal
Special Features: Good for Beginners, Inexpensive, Travel Friendly

Why I Love Them

Handcuffs are perfect for much more than the standard “Am I under arrest, Officer?” role play. You can handcuff your hands in front of you, over your head, behind you, or to furniture. You can get even more immobility if you buy two sets, spreading your wrists apart with two objects. Combine handcuffs with other toys to get even more creative. If you have a Cuffs and Tethers set, you can create a hog-tied effect by wearing the metal handcuffs behind your back, wearing the ankle cuffs, and tying the ankle cuffs to the center of the handcuff link with the tethers. You can also be tied into a fetal position with a similar method, or use them in endless combinations. Get even more adventurous with one hand cuffed in front of you and one hand behind, with the link between your thighs. During play, the motion of your hands can add a lot of additional sensation and can also be used to hold a large toy, vibrator, or dildo in (just be sure to clean the handcuffs thoroughly). With endless possibilities, your role play and kink scenarios will get a huge boost with the right props nearby.

The Details

The Tease Me Handcuffs are relatively standard cuffs, with two adjustable wrist cuffs attached by a chain, and two keys. Each cuff has an emergency, quick release valve and keyhole. The release valve, a safety mechanism, is a small latch that is easy to reach on each of the cuffs which opens the cuffs automatically. This is great if you need to get out in a pinch, lose the key, or in the case of any other emergency. If you prefer the intense mind game of not having a quick release, there is a small latch that can be moved to “STOP” to prevent the use of the quick release. This is optional and can be reversed, so if you lose the keys you can still use these handcuffs.

The Experience

I have a confession: I am really rough on my toys. I like to use them and abuse them until I break them, including handcuffs. In fact, the first pair I ever bought (as a teenager in a gag gift shop), broke the very same night, when they snapped right open and one half flew across the room during play. Buzzkill… but also a makeshift applause that we were so rough, we broke handcuffs. Needless to say, I was ready to put these bad boys to the ultimate test with some harsh wear. I was happy to find that they were definitely up to my standards. Although they were inexpensive, they are not flimsy or cheaply constructed. They went through some hard wear during our play and didn’t break, snap, or budge. They were very sturdy, and are strong enough to handle even the harshest wear. I loved how these cuffs were so easily adjustable. I have tiny wrists (5 inches around), so these might be snug on larger wrist sizes. For me, though, this size was perfect. I like how I can adjust them comfortably, or tightly, depending on my desires. They click shut to multiple levels, and are impossible to slip out of (unless you deliberately pull the release valve).

Also, I always appreciate a quick release valve. Although this might be a con to some, it really helps me feel safe and secure that I would be able to release myself in case something goes wrong. Even in intense bondage play (pornography, play parties), there is always some kind of quick release mechanism – although it is not always accessible to the wearer. In couple’s play, I think safety is very necessary, in case some emergency happens to the person in control. In some more advanced bondage play scenarios, the sub might be a brat trying to escape out, but for general purposes I always prefer something I can get out of if absolutely necessary. On another safety note, I would not recommend using metal handcuffs on your ankles; it could be very painful, dangerous, and potentially damaging. There are plenty of Cuff and Tether sets out there that are much better suited for that.

The Metal

Metal is a very safe material, and there’s nothing quite like feeling the cool, harsh feel of metal against your skin. It is food-grade, latex-free, non-porous, and phthalates free – making it safe for your body and a breeze to clean. On the flip side, metal can be a bit uncomfortable or irritating with prolonged use or intense play, especially for those not used to handcuffs or who are sensitive to pain. The metal can dig into your skin if it is too tight, or if you are being too rough it can leave scratches if not secured correctly. It can even bruise your wrists with intense play. I love the pain and unforgiving harsh metal of handcuffs, but sometimes during play the sensation can get a little scary… and I’m always afraid of seriously hurting myself.
To fix this, I took the fuzzy portion off of a pair of old, cheap handcuffs I had lying around and sometimes put them on these to reduce the friction of the metal. If you’re crafty and really motivated, you can probably sew your own little covers… or you can get the Furry Handcuffs version. Same high-quality cuffs, but with a cover that makes the handcuffs more comfortable for intense play scenarios. You can also get them in black, red, purple, or pink! For general purposes, this pair is as comfortable as metal is going to get.

The Care

Unless you’re playing dirty, these handcuffs will generally stay pretty clean, considering that they’re on your wrists and not some dirtier body part. If you use them regularly, I would recommend using toy wipes to clean them. If you use them during a particularly messy session, or around your vaginal area, clean them with warm water and soap – just make sure to thoroughly rinse out all the creases of the lock, chain, and clasps. You can even throw them in the dishwasher, since they won’t break, bend, rust, or otherwise get damaged in the high heat.

Pros & Cons


  • Cheap
  • Easy to use
  • Relatively comfortable
  • Adjustable
  • Can easily escape out of them without key (can also be a con)


  • Not as strong as high-quality cuffs
  • Can easily escape out of them without key
  • May not be long-lasting



Months after getting Lovehoney’s Tease Me Silver Handcuffs, I still love them, use them, and consider them a favorite in my toy collection. I can safely say they’ve held up to some very hardcore wear, and are totally solid. Sturdy, strong handcuffs that are also inexpensive are hard to come by! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced kinkster, I’d totally recommend these cuffs for all your BDSM fantasies.

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